Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Patch Notes 1.04

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Patch Notes 1.04

Bandai Namco and the responsible developers have released a new update for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris today. We have the full patch notes for this update on August 12.

The Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Update 1.04 can now be downloaded and installed for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Update 1.04 Details

Please note that players with different versions of the game will not be able to join the same lobby in multiplayer. To play co-op multiplayer together with your friends, please ensure you all have the latest update installed.

  • Fixed issues


  • Added “Main Quest Recovery” to the title menu. Select this option whenever you want to start the ongoing quest from where you left it, or if the game freezes
  • Fixed the invisible walls preventing the player from proceeding in these locations:

– Around the whirling waves in the “Reind Lakeshore”

– Under the bridge in “Raubal Greenbelt”

– Around the broken bridge in “Villind Plateaus”

– Around Lurid village in “Lodend Mountain”

  • Selecting “Continue” in the main menu will now fix any further issues of players being blocked by an invisible wall.
  • Fixed the invisible wall in Tiese’s sub event; “Caring isn’t Easy”.
  • Fixed the incorrect location icon for a required item in one of the main Chapter 5 quests.
  • Fixed items “Chunk of Snowsilver”, “Sharp Beast Fang”, and “Glimmerstone” disappearing in certain quests.


  • Fixed clipping when using a Sword Skill in “The Northern Cave – Dark Path”.
  • Added a save point near the Raid Dungeon.

*Fast travel for this save point is planned for the next update.


  • Shortened screen fading during cutscenes.
  • Fixed being able to accept quests while holding hands with their partner.
  • Fixed being unable to edit your online name and comments during Character Create (Issue occurring and fixed only on STEAM® platform).
  • Fixed colour of costume changing to default when selecting “Restore defaults”.
  • Added Raid Dungeons in the multiplayer option; “Search for Party” and “Recruit Party”.

*Only completed quests will be shown in the search results of “Search for Party”.

*Quests which players has not completed yet can be hosted in the “Recruit Party” option.


  • Added a “Retry” option for certain quests if the player gets defeated multiple times.
  • Partner characters now use normal attacks more often and support the player.
  • Enemy characters’ elevating attacks will no longer elevate.
  • Fixed enemies teleporting from their intended position when damaged by a strong attack.
  • Fixed processing drop when using the sword skill Vorpal Strike Lv3 during a chain burst.


  • Fixed the enhanced rarity for the Raid Dungeon weapons not displaying as +5 on the window confirming the enhancement from +4 to +5.
  • Fixed the affinity rank not matching the current rank on the Arts code customisation screen.
  • Fixed the number of owned items changing to “0” in the item screen when going back and forth from “Temporary Storage”, “Quest” and “Network” in the menu.
  • Fixed characters, not in the player’s party, not showing up in the results when searching Arts code by Character.


  • Fixed the guest player becoming uncontrollable on certain occasions during multiplayer when joining a certain lobby hosted in “Central Cathedral”.


  • When selecting certain skin colours, fixed character’s eyes not being shown as intended for certain face patterns.


  • Fixed Renly’s skill “Boundless Wing” displaying as level 1 on the Skill Palette screen even when the branch skill is unlocked.
  • Fixed Renly’s SP decreasing when using his skill in a combo finish.
  • Fixed the perfect dodge activating unintentionally when receiving damage from slipping.
  • Fixed the player deflecting slipping damage.

Arts code

  • Fixed the commands “Customize” and “Delete” in the main menu.


  • Improved camera controls.


  • Improved loading time.

Frame rate

  • Improved frame rates.


  • Fixed other minor bugs and issues.

We hope that all of the above help fix any issues you were experiencing with the game and we will continue improving the game in future updates, and specifically:

  • Loading times
  • Frame rates
  • Auto save features
  • Camera movements
  • Mouse/Key settings


Source: Bandai Namco

Written by: Carizma

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