Terraria: Core Keeper crossover coming on September 26

Terraria: Core Keeper crossover coming on September 26

Core Keeper team disclosed that they had been collaborating with the Terraria developers to enable this crossover event.


Crossover event on September 26


Two sandbox games, Terraria and Core Keeper, are getting ready to crossover event. On September 26, that will permanently add the Slime King boss and pet to each game.


The official Core Keeper Steam page announced the crossover event between the two beloved games, which share a similar premise. It said that starting on September 26, Core Keeper players will be able to summon the Slime King boss. Since players will need to use a unique item that will be included with the update to summon Slime King when they want to engage in combat, it will be similar to Omoroth in that it won’t spawn randomly.


The Slime King


If you’ve never faced the Slime King, you may anticipate the legendary boss to test your mettle by applying a surprise assault thanks to its teleportational ability. As a new pet that players may utilize when they require a traveling companion, callings from Core Keeper will make their way to Terraria as part of the next crossover event. It’s also crucial to remember that once the update goes live on September 26, these additions will not be removed.


Ready for the cross-over?


Terraria and Core Keeper have garnered favorable reviews from critics and players since their initial releases, with Terraria becoming the first game to achieve one million Steam reviews. The two independent successes will stage a brand-new crossover event for fans in only three days. Any thoughts about the crossover? Share them on the comment section below.

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