Terraria hits the 1 Million Review Mark on Steam

Terraria is gathering an army of lovers on Steam. This record is remarkable, especially for an indie game.

There’s a new record on Steam: The survival hit Terraria reaches a total of one million player reviews. Not only that, more than 97 percent of the players give it a thumbs up, which leads to the rating extremely positive. So despite the huge audience success, there are hardly any two opinions about the quality of the title.

Terraria reaches 1 mio reviews on Steam! 97% are positive!


According to the statistics website SteamDB, Terraria has a total of 979,771 positive ratings. Only 21,460 players vote negatively. To be clear, Steam will only allow those players to review a title if they own the game.

Thus, the figures also illustrate the gigantic sales success. But it is already known anyway: developer Re-Logic reported as early as 2020 that Terraria was sold a total of 17.2 million times on the PC alone. On consoles and mobile there are another 17.8 million. Yes, that works out to 35 million copies sold.

Terraria is one of the biggest indie hits

It’s no coincidence that the survival game is breaking the roof on Steam. The cute survival game with mining and base building has developed into a diamond over the years since its initial release in 2011.

And you read the keywords: survival, crafting, base building. The whole thing in an open world from the side perspective, which shows at every corner how much love the developer has put into it. Anyone who has played Terraria knows what we are talking about.

Nevertheless, the many records represent a remarkable rise. Because such cute pixel games from small developers fly under the radar more often than they become multiple million sellers. But Terraria seems to hit the spot for the taste of many Steam players.


Terraria 2 coming soon?

An official successor to the megahit has not yet been announced. In February, a note from a developer indicated that Terraria 2 – A New Age would be announced soon.

However, the developer then denied it and said that the future of the brand had not yet been finally clarified. Re-Logic may also start a completely different project. So ladied and gentleman, it seems you have be patient.

What are your thoughts on Terraria? Are you one of the 97% gamers with positive experiences? Write a comment below!

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