That’s how Fallout 76 is now against Item-Duper

That’s how Fallout 76 is now against Item-Duper

The current patch for the online game Fallout 76 has caused a stir, as it brings some problems. However, he also approaches Item Duper, which the players welcome.

Where is the problem? Item Dupers make life difficult for Fallout 76 players. Using exploits, they make copies of very powerful weapons and then sell them, for example via Ebay. This destroys the balancing in the online game, because with these weapons more and more players are able to beat low-level players quickly in PvP. In addition, the Dupen ruins the ingame economy.


Bethesda against Duper

How is Bethesda doing now? With the latest patch, the developers reduce the load of the characters.

The permissible load must not exceed 1,500 pounds above your regular payload.

  • If your hero has a payload of 210 pounds, he is allowed to carry a maximum of 1,710 pounds.
  • It is not possible to exceed this new limit.
  • If you have already exceeded the current maximum weight before applying the update, then you must first clear your inventory before you can collect new items.
  • It is also no longer possible to record caps when the maximum load is reached.
  • Due to this new load Dupern is no longer able to carry large amounts of duplicate items with him, which is likely to annoy her.
  • In addition, a server-wide message is now displayed that hunting for a player is made. This allows Duper to be detected faster.
  • In addition, two exploits were fixed that allowed duping of items with a MODUS dealer and blueprints.


Players are mostly happy about the change

How do players react to these changes? Apart from the fact that the patch currently heats up the general mood, the fans of Fallout 76 respond very positively to the fact that Bethesda now finally goes against the Duper. How well this works, however, has yet to put out. And for that the patch has to work correctly.

However, some players are also disappointed that they can not carry so many items around with them anymore. The developers assure these fans to look for a solution in the future. Eventually, the size of the bearing is raised again slightly. But saving the in-game economy now has priority.

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