NBA 2K23 150 GB pre-load for Xbox Series has arrived

NBA 2K23 150 GB pre-load for Xbox Series has arrived

152 GB for a pre-load? Prepare your console

You may want to make sure you have adequate storage space before purchasing this year’s NBA 2K (NBA 2K23), as the game’s pre-load is now available for Xbox Series and reveals that it weighs in at a whopping 152 gigabytes.

If you own an Xbox console, you can now pre-load NBA 2K23 and start downloading it using the Xbox App in preparation for the game’s release this week.

While that’s great news, many people who began pre-loading were taken aback by how large the game’s download actually is. To be more specific, you’ll need exactly 152.02GB of free space on your Xbox Series X|S in order to download NBA 2K23 before its official release.

How about other consoles?

Unfortunately, the Xbox One pre-load does not appear to be accessible yet, while PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) players will have to wait until this Wednesday (September 7) to begin loading up in advance of the release on Friday.

Given that the file size of NBA 2K22 on the PS5 was only 6GB smaller than the Xbox Series’, it’s realistic to predict a similar reduction in size for the PS5 version.

In reality, NBA 2K23 increases the storage requirements for the Xbox One by 35 GB, from 115 GB to 152 GB.

Game Storage Comparison

The file size of Call of Duty: Warzone has dropped over time and is now around 110GB (depending on the platform).

That’s assuming you don’t include the space required for Modern Warfare 2, which would bring the total to well over 200 GB.

Sure, NBA 2K23 is certainly consuming a significant amount of storage space, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the game’s title improvements, which, based on prior entries in the series, have also been massive downloads.

We hope the studio can reduce this amount, whether through new data compression methods or the ability to selectively download and delete information.

NBA 2K23 will be available on September 9 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Written by: verena smith

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