The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Trophies list revealed

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Trophies list revealed

The PS4 trophies for the horror game “The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan” have been unveiled, we show you below all English trophies.

This is not a definitive trophy guide to the game, this will follow after release!

So far it seems that you need 4 passes to unlock the Platinum Trophy. You have to play through and everyone has to die, once everyone has to survive, once only women are allowed to survive and once only men.

Collectibles also seem to be present in the game, which you will need for a 100% progress, for example, there are different pictures and secrets to find.

In total there are 31 trophies in the game, 1 Platinum, 6 Golden, 7 Silver and 17 Bronze.


Man of Medan Trophies List

  • Total Shocker!
    Collect all Trophies

  • Learning to work together
    Finished the Shared Story

  • Going it alone
    Completed the Solo Story

  • Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man!
    Found all Secrets!

  • Ghost ships are just a myth, right?
    Found all Pictures

  • Not a sole survivor
    No-one survived!

  • That’s something, I suppose
    Everybody survived!

  • Quite a lot of deaths that night
    Found all of the black framed Pictures

  • Possible Futures
    Found all of the white framed Pictures

  • Girls’ night out
    Only the women survived!

  • Right there with ya, boys
    Only the men survived!

  • Lovebirds
    Maxed [spoilers] Relationship

  • You got a better way?
    Maxed [spoilers] Relationship

  • Medium bro
    Maxed [spoilers] Relationship

  • For a dollar he told me his secrets
    Found 25 Secrets!

  • Like that movie with the ship
    Finished Movie Night

  • Karate Master
    Beat the Training Dummy

  • As long as you’re quick
    Completed 10 QTEs in succession

  • Break ’em during the thunder
    Opened the window without making noise

  • Big man on campus
    Unlocked Alex’s Aggressive Trait

  • Aye, aye captain
    Unlocked Fliss’s Arrogant Trait

  • Brother thing, you know
    Unlocked Brad’s Envious Trait

  • Remember who’s signing the checks
    Unlocked Julia’s Spoilt Trait

  • If you’re selling, I’m buying
    Unlocked Conrad’s Humurous Trait

  • Go with your gut
    Chose all of the Heart decisions

  • Consider all the permutations
    Chose all of the Head decisions

  • Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!

  • A pint of frosty amber liquid
    Conrad successfully… [spoiler]

  • Can’t reach him with this old junker
    Conrad successfully… [spoiler]

  • The name of this vessel
    Revealed the name of the ship

  • It’s all gone changing on me
    Calmed [spoiler] down

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