The Division 2: action trailer “A Good Guy” is ready

The Division 2:  action trailer “A Good Guy” is ready

A few days before the release of the online role-playing shooter The Division 2, we received the second live-action trailer for the new work of Ubisoft Massive. This will give you a glimpse into the life of a divisional agent.

In keeping with the upcoming release of the promising online role-playing game shooter The Division 2, the marketing machines have been running at full speed in recent days.

Among other things, a live action trailer was released. This was launched under the name “The Drawing” into the race and illuminated the life of a division agent. In addition, the second part is now available, which carries the name “A Good Guy” and thematically in the same score as the first live action trailer.

A Super Virus in Washington D.C.

The two live-action trailers for The Division 2 were the result of a collaboration between the renowned filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn on the one hand and the DDB ° agency on the other. In Europe, The Division 2 will be available on Friday, March 15 for the Xbox One, the PC and the PlayStation 4.

In The Divison 2, it takes players to a world where a deadly virus has spread in New York seven months ago. Players are transferred to a collapsing Washington, D.C. offset, which was faithfully reproduced. As a result of the virus, storms, floods and the associated chaos have radically changed the city.

As veterans of the division, players are the last hope in the fight against the total collapse of society as hostile factions fight for control of the city. When Washington, D.C. falls, falls the entire nation.

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