The Division 2: Beta with problem launch – mistakenly players have been banned

The Division 2: Beta with problem launch – mistakenly players have been banned

The closed beta to The Division 2 serves its purpose to find errors and problems in the game, apparently from the beginning. Thus, at the start of the test phase, several sometimes serious errors were detected.

Today Ubisoft launched the closed beta of The Division 2. The test phase appears to be successful right at the beginning in the sense that quite serious problems have emerged. For example, many players have been told that their account has been banned, even though they did not blame them.

The affected players receive the message: “Attention: Your account has been banned. For more details, please contact customer support. ” The closed beta can not be played by the affected players. However, the people in charge at Ubisoft have already stressed that they want to offer a solution quickly. On Twitter, the publisher announces:

“We are aware of a situation in which players in the private beta are wrongly considered” banned “. We are investigating this problem. We will keep you up to date.”

A solution to the problem has not yet been found. But that was not the only mistake in the beta of The Division 2.

Ubisoft warns of various problems

Ubisoft warns on the official site of various problems. For example, the Game Client tends to crash, which is already familiar to developers. It says:

“There is a known issue where your game client crashes after a lengthy game session. To get around this, we recommend that you restart your game client every two to three hours. “

Even game invitations from friends can lead to the beta of The Division 2 crash when the player in question is out of the game. The problem can be avoided if the players of a group first start the game and then join the group directly from the game.

In the official forums, Ubisoft keeps the beta players up-to-date on the latest issues. The final version of The Division 2 will be released on March 15, 2019 for the PC, the Xbox One and the PS4.

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