The Division 2: Bug causes 100 percent CPU usage

The Division 2: Bug causes 100 percent CPU usage

There is a new bug in The Division 2, which can lead to some systems running at full capacity even though the frame rate is limited or the graphics card is limited. A universal workaround does not exist at the moment, many of the solutions only help some users or only partially solve the problem. Ubisoft is already looking for a solution.

The CPU works more than it should

Thus, it may occur with some users that The Division 2 uses all the resources of the processor, thus generating a utilization of 100%. In principle, that would not be bad, because it would simply speak for an excellent multithread optimization, but this is obviously not the case.

Instead, it happens that players, for example, at manually limited 60 fps, the said 100-percent utilization, they reach without the set fps limitation but 100 frames per second. However, the bug does not always occur, so if you limit the fps enough, the load will drop below 100 percent. The problem may be an arithmetic routine that is reduced in the event of an overload and is not absolutely necessary.

As soon as we have news or solutions to this mistake, we’ll talk about it!

Written by: Carizma

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