The Division 2: Maintenance on April 18 – Patch Notes released

The Division 2: Maintenance on April 18 – Patch Notes released

Ubisoft has again announced maintenance for The Division 2, just yesterday appeared Update 2.1 or Patch 1.06. The servers will be offline and there will be a new update, the patch notes have already been released.

Tomorrow, April 18, the servers will go offline to The Division 2 at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT, followed by maintenance. In addition, an update will be uploaded, whether it will be a pure server patch or whether we also need to download Client Patch 1.07 is currently unknown.

The Division 2 will be offline on April 18 for about 3 hours. In keeping with the announcement, the corresponding patch notes were released.


The Division 2 – Patch Notes for the 18th of april

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to receive unlimited Snitch heroic bounties.
  • Fixed another issue where players were stuck after being revived while having a DoT state active.
  • Fixed other issues relating to players being stuck after revival.
  • Lowered NPC damage and health above normal difficulty.
  • Increased variety of NPCs spawned at higher difficulty levels.
  • Difficulty has been significantly decreased in Hard, moderately reduced in Challenge, and barely reduced in Heroic.
  • Fixed an issue related to Elite NPC aggressiveness in Heroic / Alert Level 4.
  • Reduced the damage output of Named bosses.

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  1. Mr Dizzy April 18, 2019 | Reply

    Massive. I appreciate the many attempts you are making at pleasing your players. I, for one, had no real complaints about the challenge. I solo your heroic content and put down challenge 4 elites in half a mag. I found ways to survive and chose gear that was available to make it happen. I will adapt new tactics with the improvements you are making so that those that would prefer your game made more to their liking can enjoy it as well. Keep up the good work. . . And delay the raid as long as is necessary to provide quality content.

    One final thought- add a talent that makes all enemies within, say, 20 meters prioritize you as a target. . . And change Gila 2 or 3 set bonus to provide 1% protection from elites per 10k armor. These changes don’t affect pvp and form a foundation for an effective tank build in pve.

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