The Division 2 – Next Updates after the Raid

The Division 2 – Next Updates after the Raid

In the State of the Game, the developers talked about how The Division 2 continues with the upcoming updates. In addition, some changes in the maintenance on Thursday, May 23.

Massive unveiled initial details on the upcoming Title Update 3.1 and 4. There are also changes to the maintenance that will take place on May 23 occur.


Title Update 3.1 – mainly bug fixes

One topic was the NPCs who have behaved differently since the last patch, creating chaos. This NPC behavior is a combination of multiple bugs in both AI and animations.

These are the previously known fixes:

  • A problem with the masks is fixed. At the moment they look very strange when you put them on. (Does not affect the 12 Hunter masks)
  • The firing rate of semi-automatic weapons should work properly again. Currently there are problems with the fast firing of rifles and pistols.
  • Fixed some weapon bugs that caused various errors. These include invisible weapons or even those that are suddenly invisible.
  • Some sound problems are fixed.


When should the patch come? So far, there is no release date or an indication of it. In addition, it is not known what changes will come with Title Update 3.


Title Update 4 brings specialization 4

In the stream, the developers also turned to the players who do not want to or can not play the raid. For this title update 4 will be interesting.

So far this has been known about the new specialization: Already in advance, a minigun was speculated as an individual weapon. This was reinforced by a trailer in which the specialization was announced

When will Title Update 4 come? That did not tell Massive either. The new content should follow as soon as possible.


Maintenance on 5/23 | May 23

This changes during the maintenance: As usual, regular maintenance will take place this Thursday, too. But this time at a different time. When exactly, the developers do not know at this time. During the maintenance work, however, some fixes are added.

There is also no announcement for maintenance, so far, maintenance was always announced on time on twitter.

Written by: Carizma

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