The Division 2: Raid apparently comes without matchmaking

The Division 2: Raid apparently comes without matchmaking

According to the latest reports, the raid “Operation: Dark Hours” will appear without a matchmaking system. This news has racked up many fans of The Division 2. Hardly anyone can understand this decision.

The first raid of The Division 2 – Operation: Dark Hours, which came into play with Title Update 3, will start shortly. Anyone who has been looking forward to getting started right on time, even though you are not a member of a clan or have a solid group to play with, could be disappointed. Because there will probably be no matchmaking function for the raid.

Where does this info come from? This info comes from Alexandre Guenounou, who deals with marketing of The Division 2.



Many fans are disappointed and angry, no one can understand this decision – if it really should come to that.

Is there already a reaction from Ubisoft? So far, there is no reaction from Massive or Ubisoft. After the big outcry of the fans, however, Alexandre Guenounou has again spoken by Twitter to speak. There he said he would consult with the team and they will provide fans with a complete overview and explanation on the matter.

Written by: Carizma

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