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The Division 2: Server Status Today – Updates and Restarts

At the moment Massive is quite busy, there are daily server updates to The Division 2 as well as bug fixes and client patches. We’ll keep you informed here!

Note: If you are in the game, a message will always appear in the lower left corner when the servers go offline!


Server Offline, Restarts and Updates – The Division 2


March 22

04:21 EDT Update: The servers will go offline at 4:30 AM ET, maintenance will be done and a patch will be installed. The servers will be offline for about 3 hours. Here are the patch notes for today’s update:

  • Fixed an issue where players were not being granted Clan XP
  • Fixed an issue where daily and weekly resets would not apply to players who were offline during the time of reset
  • Fixed an issue where players could lose guiding missions and access to guiding mission NPCs, making them unable to further progress


March 18

05:42 EDT Update: The servers do not seem to be back online yet.

05:00 EDT: Incoming maintenance, at 10:15 PM CET / 5:15 PM EST / 6:15 AM KST / 8:15 ACT, approximately 15 minutes.


March 16

Update 07:10 EDT: Servers are online again, the following adjustments have been patched:

  • Implemented a fix that should reduce occurrences of client crashes when using skills
  • Fixed an issue where players could be stuck in the wrong World Tier if they completed Strongholds without meeting the required Gear Score while in a group
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t be able to talk to agent Kelso at the Castle Settlement
  • Fixed an issue where players could obtain multiple Ivory Keys from the same source
  • Fixed an issue where map progress would not be saved when completing Open World activities and Side missions in another players’ instance.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to loot Supply Drops multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where players could buy blueprints repeatedly at the vendors by logging out and back in
  • Fixed an issue where combining the Dialed in talent with the Emet Mask could lead to greatly increased Accuracy and Stability

06:00 EDT Update: At 11:00 AM CET / 06:00 AM ET / 03:00 AM PT the servers should go offline, Server Maintenance work is carried out, the downtime should last nearly 1.5 hours.


March 15

11:53 EDT Server Offline: Massive will reboot the server in few minutes.


March 14

Update: Massive has discovered a problem with the patch. Maintenance will be repeated in the near future.

Update: Today, the servers go down again. Expected for 20 minutes. That means.


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Written by: J.P.

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