The Division 2: These are the three specializations for the beta

The Division 2: These are the three specializations for the beta

Once you reach the endgame in Division 2, you unlock the 3 specializations. We introduce them to you and also want to know in our survey, which you play in the beta.

These are the specializations in Division 2

There are three different specializations in The Division 2:

  • Survivalist
  • Demolitionist
  • Sharpshooter


They bring different weapons and skill mods with them that fit the respective specialization. So each has its own signature weapon:

  • The Demolitionist receives a grenade launcher
  • The Survivalist receives a precision crossbow
  • The Sharpshooter receives a caliber 50 precision rifle


Three weapons for different types of players

If you’ve played The Division 1, you might remember the Ultis or Signature skills, where you could choose from three different ones.

If not: These were particularly powerful skills with a longer cooldown. In order to unlock them, you had to extend the wings of the operation base in the first part.

These Ultis no longer exist, instead there are now the signature weapons of specializations. Each one is very different from the other.

  • With the grenade launcher you can control opponent masses well and rain explosions on enemies
  • The crossbow uses explosive arrows, which attach themselves to the opponent, detonate after a short time and cause massive damage
  • The sniper rifle has an extreme punch that can even penetrate coverages. In addition, opponents are displayed in the cover.

What all these weapons have in common: The ammunition is scarce. The Signature weapons have their own type of ammunition, which is rather rare. So you have to plan carefully and see that you do not waste them unnecessarily.

How do I get the ammunition? As a rule, it is dropped by heavier opponents. In the PvP modes, it appears after a while on the map.

In addition to the Signature weapons, there are special skill mods that you can unlock in the level progress of the specializations.

The skills of the specializations

Depending on the specialization, there are other skill categories that are right for your choice. How exactly the progress is going on, is currently unknown. Some of the mods are known but already, which are unlocked exclusively for the respective specialization:

These are the sharpshooter well-known skill mods:

  • Drone – Tactician: With this mod, the drone flies over you at the highest possible point and functions as a kind of tactical scanner. He shows you the locations of enemies while he is active.


These are the Survivalists well-known skill mods:

  • Search mine – Mender: This allows reparation clouds to be distributed. You can restore your armor. If you do not choose a specific target for them, the mine will automatically search for the team member with the lowest armor.

These are the Demolitionists well-known skill mods:

  • Gun Artillery: This type of gun fires an explosive shot at a spot of your choice. Similar to a grenade launcher, you can only ever make a single shot and the projectiles cover a small area.

Whether there will be more of these skill mods is currently unknown.

How do I unlock the specializations? In the actual game, the specializations are unlocked at level 30. You can freely switch between them. Each specialization can be leveled and thereby unlock new advantages.

But in The Private Beta of The Division 2 you already have the first opportunity to test the specialization yourself.

What specialization do you play in the beta?

So you play the specializations in the Private Beta: In the beta you start with a new character. If you have completed the mission “Jefferson Trade Center”, three more characters with the respective specializations will be unlocked. You can then test them in special endgame variants of the missions.

So you can test each of the specializations yourself in action, including signature weapons. That’s why we want to know which of the three specializations you will play, matching the beta launch?

The sharpshooter, who stays at a distance, the destruction expert, who lets explosions rain on his enemies, or rather the survival specialist, who can be devastating with his crossbow, especially against individual enemies?

Which specialisation are you looking for the most? Use the comments below!

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