The Division 2: Trailer for the start of the open beta

The Division 2: Trailer for the start of the open beta

Before the open beta of “The Division 2” starts in a few days, Ubisoft gives a small overview of the offers of the test phase with a new trailer.

Ubisoft will be launching the open beta for the online role-playing shooter “The Division 2” within a few days. With a fresh trailer, the company draws attention to the approaching start. The fresh clip you can see below in the article.

The Division 2: Take a look which content the Open Beta Offers to the players

In addition, Ubisoft summarizes again what you should know about the open beta of The Division 2. In the test phase, the players can therefore the eastern part of Washington D.C. explore. There are three main missions and five side missions available.

In the beta, players can also discover and upgrade the so-called “theater settlement”. In addition, the Dark Zone East is available for multiplayer matches. There, players fight for survival and try to secure valuable loot. The offer of the open beta is rounded off by endgame content.

“You are the key to saving the nation. You are the last line of defense and your actions pave the way ahead. History will remember the heroes when everything else fails, “the official said.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be released on March 15, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A previously released beta trailer provides an overview of endgame content.

What else is new in the open beta? The beta of The Division 2 recently received an update, the patch notes revealed further changes:

  • The level cap is raised to 8
  • There is another skill. According to the technical test, this is the Chem.-Launcher, with which you can fire a flammable gas or sticky foam.
  • In normal and endgame missions the difficulty has been adjusted.
  • In addition, several bugs have been fixed and improvements made. For example, NPC animations have been improved and “agent calls for reinforcement” messages reduced.

Check out the latest trailer:

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