The Division 2 turns off PS4 sound – No more audio

The Division 2 turns off PS4 sound – No more audio

Have you ever lost the full sound (audio) on TV or monitor in the middle of The Division 2? Did not your PS4 sound after quitting The Division 2?

We experienced this phenomenon live! By playing The Division 2, it may happen that the entire sound output of the PS4 is disturbed.

The following scenario: We play The Division 2, while a firefight suddenly lacks the full sound, we only hear the messages coming through the controller.

A few minutes later, just like that, the sound is back. At some point the sound failed again. After completing our mission, we close the application The Division 2. Then we realize, the complete sound / audio of the Playstation 4 is gone, even a restart of the PS4 does not bring the sound back.

We then checked everything possible, connect to the monitor, settings and so on, to no avail.

The solution to this sound problem was quite simple: We restarted The Division 2, like a little wonder, the sound in the game and the PS4 menu was back.

Conclusion: If you lose the sound in the middle of The Division 2’s game, the application closes, restarts the PS4, and restarts the game.

Whether this error occurs only on the PS4 or if there are such problems on the Xbox One or the PC, we can not confirm at the moment.

Written by: Carizma

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