The Division 2: Will there be a beta for the community?

The Division 2: Will there be a beta for the community?

The statement of a developer lets fans now hope that there will also be an open beta of The Division 2.

The Private Beta of The Division 2 ended earlier today. But by no means all interested parties were able to form their own image of the upcoming Share World shooter in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. do. That could change soon.

This is currently the official status: Officially only two betas were planned for The Division 2 so far:

  • The private beta. Here only pre-orderers of the game as well as some selected testers had access, which were additionally invited for it
  • The closed beta. This test phase should be carried out before the launch. It is aimed at players who sign up for the official site and then selected with a little luck


An open beta, where everyone can try the game, was not planned so far

Rumor about an open beta for Devision 2

Therefore, fans believe in an open beta: An official announcement or statement regarding a potential open beta is still not there. But from the statement of a developer can be concluded that an open test phase is probably well thought out.

Last weekend, the live content manager of The Division 2, Yannick Banchereau, confirmed during a live stream of the private beta that they were unintentionally confirming that there would be an open beta.

When discussing a bug in a particular feature, Banchereau said that they will fix this for the open beta. We’ve attached the twitch clip with his statement below for you:

So every interested player could test The Division 2 before the launch on March 15, 2019 and get their own idea of ​​the game. There is not yet a possible date.

Note, however: This is not an official announcement, even if the statement comes from a Massive employee. You should therefore enjoy the message with the appropriate amount of caution, until there are official details. By the way, there was no denial.

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