The Last of Us 2 Trophy List Revealed

The Last of Us 2 Trophy List Revealed

Update: Here you can find our Trophy Guide to The Last of us 2.

The PS4 trophies for The Last of Us Part II have been revealed! A few days ago we were able to present you the patch notes for the first The Last of Us Part II update 1.01 and today we have the trophies for you.

There will be 26 trophies in total and it looks like it won’t be very difficult to unlock platinum.

Once The Last of Us Part II is released, we will provide you with a 100% trophy guide!


The Last of Us 2 Trophies List

  • Until There’s None Left
    Collect all trophies

  • What I Had to Do
    Conclude the story

  • Survival Specialist
    Learn All Skills

  • Master of Weapons
    Improve all weapons to the maximum

  • Archivist
    Find all the artifacts and journal entries

  • Complete Set
    Find all the cards

  • Numismatist
    Find all coins

  • Ready For the Worst
    Find all workbenches

  • Mechanicist
    Improve a weapon completely

  • Expert
    Learn a complete line of improvements

  • Burglary
    Open all safes

  • Tourist
    Visit all downtown Seattle locations

  • Professional
    Find all training manuals

  • Survival Training
    Learn 25 skills

  • Thick Lead
    Find all the weapons

  • On the Field
    Find 12 workbenches

  • Tools of the Trade
    Manufacture all the items

  • Only at Gambiarra
    Improve a Weapon

  • Apprentice
    Learn an improvement

  • ⁠Basic Kit
    Find 5 Collectible Cards

  • ⁠In Great State
    Find 5 coins

  • Hidden Trophy
    Hidden Description

  • Hidden Trophy
    Hidden Description

  • Na Mosca
    Get the best score in the bow and arrow game

  • Relic of the Wise
    Find the Weird Artifact

  • So Great and So Small
    Find the Recorded Ring

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