The Last of Us: Fans Recreates Scenes via Photo Mode

The Last of Us: Fans Recreates Scenes via Photo Mode

The Last of Us fan posts on social media the results of their attempt to get comparison images between the game and the series trailer.


The Last of Us: Photo mode


A fan has taken it upon themself to look for as many parallels as possible between what is now in the PS5 remake and the teaser for HBO’s series. They identified a surprising number of side-by-side comparison images with TLOF Part 1’s photo mode and upgraded graphics and tweeted their discovery.


HBO series’ first trailer


The HBO series’ first trailer has received praise from TLOF fans for featuring some of its source material’s characteristics. The live-action scenes’ ambiance, the song’s return from the debut teaser for the 2012 version, and other components all contributed to the nostalgia that some game fans experienced when watching the trailer.




The photo mode recreations are pretty well done, and NoblePhoenixVP should be commended for their laborious search for the ideal photos and for sharing them with the community. Have you seen the comparison images yet?


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