The Pedestrian – First trailer of the Unique Puzzle Game for PS4

The Pedestrian – First trailer of the Unique Puzzle Game for PS4

The unusual puzzle game The Pedestrian got a new trailer. As part of the State of Play, the developers Skookum Arts announced that the unique 2.5D puzzle game The Pedestrian will be released for the PS4 in January 2021. The PC version of this adventure is already available.

In The Pedestrian, you will experience a 2D character who moves through the forest of public signs in a dynamic 3D world. Players will re-arrange and link street signs to find their way around the area.

On the official PlayStation blog, the developers revealed some details about the development:
In the beginning we did a lot of prototyping in an attempt to find our unique puzzle mechanic. We discovered while working in our puzzle editor that creating the puzzle was half the fun! So we took the core of our puzzle editor (moving and connecting signs) and turned that into our main mechanic. This created two distinct modes – playmode and puzzlemode. In playmode you control the main character, while puzzlemode allows you to edit the layout of the puzzle.

The Pedestrian – State Of Play Trailer | PS4

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