The Surge 2 – Trophies List Released

The Surge 2 – Trophies List Released

The PS4 trophies for “The Surge 2” were revealed! In total, there will be 48 Trumpets in the main game, 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 8 Silver and 36 Bronze.

The trophies are well mixed, so you need to collect Techscrap again, upgrade weapons to the maximum and collect collectibles like the Strange Visions.

The Surge 2 will be released at the end of September, we will help you on the way to the Platinum Trophy!


The Surge 2 Trophies List

  • The Surge 2
    Unlocked all trophies

  • Reborn
    Be purified by Athena, cleansed of all imperfections.

  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend
    Be transformed by Athena into a dark avenger, ready to reshape the world.

  • Gotta Craft ’em All
    Crafted 20 Gear Sets

  • Denying Prophecy
    Defeated Archangel Eli

  • Defense in Depth
    Upgraded all gear pieces in a set to maximum level

  • Full Arsenal
    Collected 50 weapons

  • High Performance
    Received a special reward from a boss

  • Triplets
    Defeated all Delver Echoes

  • Remote Surgery
    Cut off each limb of a humanoid enemy using your drone

  • Swiss Army Drone
    Acquired all combat drone modules

  • Risk Tolerant
    Killed a boss while carrying 30,000 Tech Scrap

  • A Little Banged Up
    Survived the plane crash in NG+

  • Jailbreak
    Defeated Warden Garcia

  • Dead Again
    Defeated Brother Eli twice

  • Overheated
    Defeated Little Johnny

  • Studied The Blade
    Defeated Captain Cervantes

  • Home Invasion
    Defeated Delver

  • Court Martial
    Defeated Major General Ezra Shields

  • Mommy Dearest
    Defeated Matriarch Celeste

  • Bad Dog
    Defeated H.A.R.O.L.D

  • Corrupted Beauty
    Defeated Goddess Helena

  • Reverse Engineering
    Killed a Gideon’s Rock statue with its own weapon

  • Own Medicine
    Killed a Delver Echo with the Helix of the Delver or Helix of the Delver V2.0

  • It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers
    Equipped the IRONMAUS set and the Justice of the Ironmaus weapon

  • Following In Their Footsteps
    Collected 10 Strange Visions

  • True Survivor
    Met Warren

  • Marked For Success
    Upgraded a weapon to maximum level

  • Stimulating The Local Economy
    Spent 50,000 tech scrap at vendors

  • Offensive Defense
    Performed directional blocks on 30 enemies

    Killed an enemy with a headshot

  • Rigged And Ready
    Acquired an Exo-Rig

  • Clean Cut
    Cut an enemy’s limb with the follow-up to a backstab kick

  • Powered Up
    Reached Core Power 50

  • Where It All Began
    Revisited the Detention Center

  • Shocking
    Used the EMP-44 ‘Starfish’ on an enemy

  • Sleeping With The Fishes
    Drowned an enemy in deep water

  • Can’t Trust Banks
    Carried 100,000 Techscrap

  • Luminary
    Met Guttenberg

  • Don’t I Know You…?
    Helped Benjamin Burke

  • Three Birds With One Stone
    Killed 3 enemies at once using the homing missile

  • Suited and Booted
    Equipped a full gear set

  • Sorry, Didn’t See You There
    Killed a cloaked Hunter

  • What A Catchy Song
    Activated the Ops Center in the CREO Institute of Technology

  • Counter-Sniper
    Killed all enemies operating sniper turrets

  • It’s a Trap
    Disabled a A.I.D. checkpoint scanner gate without triggering its alarm.

  • Unforeseeable Consequences
    Discovered the Utopia rocket crash site

  • Geronimo!
    Fell into the Underground

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