The Witcher trilogy has been confirmed by CD Projekt RED

The Witcher trilogy has been confirmed by CD Projekt RED

Witcher trilogy, a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, and other projects announcements has been made by CD Projekt RED.

In a short video labeled the CD Projekt Group Strategy Update: Long-Term Product Outlook, President and Joint CEO of CDPR revealed that the franchise will be the first 3 releases in the industry’s channel.


The Witcher: Pre-Production


Two of the initial three games are currently in pre-production, and the production company intends to produce all three games over a six-year period beginning with the official launch of Polaris, which is The Witcher game that was announced earlier this year.

Project Sirius is in pre-production and still being established by The Molasses Flood. They are also the designers of Flame In The Flood, which CDPR accumulated the year before. The task is presently being worked on by more than 60 developers.

Besides that, Project Canis Majoris is the latest one player fully accessible RPG collection only in Witcher universe. It is being developed by a third-party production company.

Written by: verena smith

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