Torchlight III Steam Update Patch Notes on October 7

Torchlight III Steam Update Patch Notes on October 7

Echtra Inc. and Perfect World Entertainment have released a new hotfix for Torchlight III. Below you will find the patch notes for this update on October 7th.

Torchlight 3 Build 5648135 is now available for download on Steam. This patch fixes some bugs and makes some changes.


Torchlight III Patch Notes on 10/7/2020


  • Editor tool to spit out Skills data for fansite consumption.
  • Fixed several rare crash cases for clients and servers.
  • In some circumstances, players were losing their levels and gear but not the quest progress in Singleplayer mode. This prevents that loss from occurring.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where manually inviting to the party by typing the Player Name can not be processed if both players are added to the Steam Friends List.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Party’ and ‘Whisper’ buttons are initially not displayed in the ‘Steam Friends’ tab.
  • Fixed an issue when members of a party are not within the same level, their party icon displays them as dead.


  • Fixed the ‘Chaotic Strikes’ Tier 1 bonus that was not functioning.

Dusk Mage

  • Fixed an issue where Consecration buff does not go away.
  • Fixed Damnation with the tier 3 bonus unlocked that does not immobilize enemies.
  • Fixed Dark Spear tier 3 bonus that did not deal damage upon activating the skill.
  • Fixed a case of Consecration base increase of damage that does not work.
  • Fixed Netherlings summoned by Spirit Well that do not attack enemies.
  • Fixed the Scout’s Bones Tier 1 bonus that was not granting an additional stack of the Precision Skill buff.
  • Fixed the Furnace Blast Tier 3 bonus that fails to function.
  • Fixed the tier 3 of the Pound skill that fails to function.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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