Torchlight III Update Patch Notes on July 9

Torchlight III Update Patch Notes on July 9

Echtra Inc. and Perfect World Entertainment have released Torchlight III on Steam. The game is in the early access phase.

A new update for Torchlight III was released today. Torchlight 3 Build 5258800 is now available for download on Steam. Below you will find the official patch notes for this update on July 9.


Torchlight III Patch Notes on 7/9/2020


  • A fix for MulticastSkillListUpdated calling whenever you kill a monster. This should help improve some general lag/rubberbanding, however this is not a complete fix and we will continue to work to resolve and hotfix/patch the issues that are causing it.



  • Forged
  • Ramming Robot: Using the ‘Ramming Robot’ skill causes the playable character to start dealing damage to enemies by colliding with them


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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