Trials Rising Patch Notes 1.05 – Update from the 3rd of july

Trials Rising Patch Notes 1.05 – Update from the 3rd of july

Ubisoft and RedLynx today released Update 1.05 for Trials Rising, we have the patch notes for this update.

The update has been released for all platforms (PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch), you need to download and install Client Patch 1.05 (PS4).


Trials Rising Update 1.05 Patch Notes


  • [All Platforms] Improvements to event tracking
  • [PS4] Save unsent events in local profile when offline

Online Multiplayer

  • [All Platforms] Improvements to results screen after redirect from viewing a player profile
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to flow for users who leave or are disconnected during a match
  • [All Platforms] Improved handling of ties during matches
  • [Xbox One, PS4] UI improvements to results screen
  • [Xbox One, PS4] Improvement for “Allow Bailout Finish” modifier in private matches
  • [Xbox One, PS4] Fix for user unable to select a bike after trying to select an unavailable bike
  • [Xbox One] Fix for host not being able to return to the lobby after completing a private match
  • [Xbox One, PC] Fix for finish line not triggering on I Fell Tower when “disable checkpoints” modifier is used
  • [PC] Improved handling for host leaving on final results screen
  • [PC] Fixed a crash that could occur when scrolling through the bike selection with the mouse selection wheel
  • [PS4, PC] Fix for error that could cause the game to get stuck loading if connection is lost during an online multiplayer match
  • [PS4] Fix for a crash that could occur in between rounds during a match

Party Mode (Local Multiplayer)

  • [All Platforms] Fix for extra modifiers that could be added when applying modifiers to all tracks
  • [All Platforms] Fix for bikes being locked if guest account hasn’t unlocked any bikes

Leaderboards & Replays

  • [All Platforms] Redirect improvements for various leaderboards
  • [All Platforms] Fixed a sync issue between the leaderboards & replays on the Trials Wars skill game
  • [PC] Fixed replay issues on tracks Lynx World, Beach Bum, Ruined Run & Sewer Rat


  • [Xbox One, PS4] Fixed crashes during loading sequence related to corrupted UGC save files
  • [Xbox One, PS4] Stability improvements related to playing Track Central tracks

Track Editor

  • [All Platforms] Fixed missing “tool tip” information
  • [All Platforms] Fix for crash caused by faulting more than 500 times while testing a track
  • [All Platforms] Fix for driveline count not updating when switching between multi-lane and single lane game modes in track settings
  • [All Platforms] Fix for a crash that could occur if bike is changed while the rider is selected
  • [Xbox One] Fixed an error that occurred when using the tandem bike in the editor
  • [PC] Fix for elements that could not be selected with the mouse
  • [PC] Fixed a crash caused by attempting to copy the bike, rider or game camera with Ctrl+C

Track Central

  • [All Platforms] UI Improvements
  • [All Platforms] Improved support for custom feeds
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to “Play Later” feed
  • [All Platforms] Fix for cut-off text in some localizations
  • [All Platforms] “Next Medal” information displayed during loading screen
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to redirect between various Track Central screens
  • [PC, Switch] Fixed redirect after deleting a downloaded track
  • [PC] Fixed incorrect UI after the first vote on a track is cast


  • [All Platforms] Fixes for text spill that could occur in player profile
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to player profile camera
  • [All Platforms] Fixed corrupted subtitles when switching between languages with different characters
  • [All Platforms] Fixed loading issue when inspecting items in player profile from Private MP results screen
  • [Xbox One, PS4] Fixed incorrect UI elements that appeared on results screen of Bull Session Supercross track
  • [PC] UI improvements in bike purchase flow
  • [PC] Fixed some incorrect input icons that appeared when using mouse & keyboard


  • [All Platforms] Improvements to Shopping Cart sounds
  • [All Platforms] Improvements to menu sounds in Track Central


  • [All Platforms] Fix for distance calculations not working properly if the driveline overlaps itself (Out of Control skill game)
  • [All Platforms] Fix to address broken physics that could occur in a track when restarting after viewing a replay


  • [All Platforms] Improvements to challenger contracts completion flow


  • [All Platforms] Added a timeout when failing to connect to Ubisoft Club
  • [All Platforms] Fixed exploit for “no lean” contracts & challenges using Tandem Bike
  • [All Platforms] Improved positioning of bikes in the Garage
  • [Xbox One] Improvements to cross-platform filtering
  • [PS4] Fixed the pause menu automatically redirecting to Ubisoft Club after completing a weekly challenge

Written by: Carizma

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