UFC 4 Patch Notes 4.01 – New Update on October 19

UFC 4 Patch Notes 4.01 – New Update on October 19

EA has released a new UFC 4 Update – We have all the information about the Patch on October 19.

The EA UFC 4 Update 4.01 can now be downloaded for all platforms. In total you have to download around 2,199 GB, depending on the platform. Today’s update fixes some bugs in the game and makes improvements.


UFC 4 Patch Notes 4.01

Major updates

  • All venues are now available in Tournament, Event and Online modes.
  • The judges’ scores are now displayed in the battle stats screen.


Gameplay updates

  • Improved animations for ground strikes, position changes and submissions.
  • Striking: The lead spinning kick animation has been slowed down.
  • Striking: Teepkicks were slowed down in combinations.
  • Striking: Strikes are now possible in arcade / stand modes that could not previously be used because they were executed with the same key combination as the one used to clinch
  • Striking: Adjusted the running speed during a striking to have more time for counterattacks.
  • Clinch: The problems with the hook to the body in single-under on the cage have been fixed.
  • Takedowns: Endurance adjustments for the tower takedown.
  • Takedowns: Additional stand-up scenarios after the takedown have been added.
  • Takedowns: Getting up after the takedown now costs both fighters stamina.
  • KO – Fixed a rare issue where knocking out an opponent at the end of a round would result in the next round being initiated and not ending the previous one.


Various updates

  • Fixed an issue in career mode where cutscenes would not display the tattoos of fighters created.
  • Renato Moicano’s tattoos have been updated.
  • Johnny Walker’s appearance has been updated.
  • Fixed various issues with clothing items.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Bruce October 20, 2020 | Reply

    Sounds very anti-ground game to me.
    This game is not for people who like the ground game. It’s frustrating.

    • Mark Royds October 20, 2020 | Reply

      You serious??? All you have to do to win is shoot a takedown posture up and button bash between straights and hooks. It’s op if anythinf

  2. Little Bread Knif October 19, 2020 | Reply

    L1+Right Stick Up to block get ups.
    R1+L3 to switch HUD displays from Assisted to Legacy.
    Jon Jones to Heavyweight on UFC 3 for the culture.

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