Valorant 5.06: Stinger Changes and New Map Updates

Valorant 5.06: Stinger Changes and New Map Updates

On September 20, a fresh update for Valorant 5.06 Episode 5 Act 2 went live, including significant improvements to the Stinger and Pearl’s map.


The first significant overhaul of the underwater map since Pearl’s premiere earlier this year occurs with today’s release. The Stinger has also been altered in Valorant’s 5.06 version in addition to these map adjustments. The Stinger’s designers wanted it to “feel controlled and properly dangerous at short ranges,” according to their statement.


The official patch notes for the September 20 Valorant update are below.  






Adjusted Primary Fire Error: 1.6 Error after 7 Bullets to 1.3 Error after 6 Bullets


Even in close quarters, the Stinger can feel out of control at the moment. We aim for the Stinger to feel manageable and appropriately lethal at close ranges. Once you’ve mastered the recoil’s learning curve, lowering the top spread should feel more trustworthy at the proper range.


Adjusted Alt Fire first shot mistake from.5 to.35


It felt like the first shot had more volatility than we’d like for an option that’s supposed to be more precise, especially at the ranges where you’d want to employ the burst fire mode.






Pearl is getting a handful of small updates that aim to reduce complexity and make it easier for attackers and defenders to move through a few areas.


  • B Main: A lowered waist-high wall on the left side of B Main so that it can no longer completely hide anyone.
  • Mid Shops – Clearing this area in Mid Shops is harder than we intended. By extending the platform, we’re still keeping some of the holding power for attackers but making it easier to push this area.
  • Mid Shops to Mid Plaza: This is another spot on Mid Shops that are proven painful to clear when trying to move through mid. So we’ve removed one of the corners.


To check out the complete updates, visit the official Valorant website. How often do you play Valorant? Love these new updates? Share your thoughts. 

Written by: Super Rose

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