Vampire: Patch 1.04 released – changelog available

Vampire: Patch 1.04 released – changelog available

Vampyr Patch 1.04

The developers of Dondnot have released a new patch to Vampyr. This latest update is pretty big and should not be overlooked, especially if you are playing the game right now. It’s worth noting that this is a huge update so be prepared for a longer download.

The Vampyr Update 1.04 Patch Notes are available on all three platforms and are used especially in the PS4 with a rich 5.9GB. The Xbox One and the PC have similar download sizes.

With patch 1.04 some bugs are fixed, besides there is also a new feature. The new feature will show you when a city dweller is healed by you. You can see more details about the further fixes in the following patch notes.


Vampyr Patch Notes 1.04

New Features

  • [PC] Walk can now be used as a held input or a toggled input.
  • The Recovering Icon is now properly displayed when a citizen is healing


  • [PC] Switching targets can now be done with the mouse wheel.
  • During the cutscene between Dorothy and Darius, Dorothy will now properly be shown. A new playthrough is needed for this.
  • Fixed an issue where Sean Hampton was stuck in a chair while reloading during certain dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue where spoiler characters would incorrectly spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where Tom Watts’s sidequest would be blocked while performing a medical checkup mid-choice
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to escape the map in Southwark
  • [X1] Fixed an issue with water light reflection blinding players.
  • Optimised the in-game menus
  • Fixed an issue where in-game and in-menu serum icons were inverted.
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where players were unable to change inventory page using KB/M
  • [PC] Green flickering should no longer occur
  • Fixed an issue where Camelia’s dialogue would stay locked, even with all hints unlocked.
  • Various other fixes

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