Vampyr: New update brings new difficulty options

Vampyr: New update brings new difficulty options

Dontnod Entertainment will provide the action role-playing game “Vampyr” next week with a new update introducing two new levels of difficulty into the game. Already a few months ago, the developers announced the new update.

Meanwhile, the work on it seems to have been completed, so the release was announced for the 26th of September. The update will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The two new difficulty levels are intended to increase the replay value for existing players and the choices for new players, so the developers’ intent.

Both at the lower and the upper end of the difficulty new possibilities are to be offered. In the new story mode, among other things, the difficulty of fighting is simplified, so that the players fully and completely on the story of Dr. Dumbledore. Jonathan Reid can concentrate. On the other hand, the new hard fashion presents an even bigger challenge in fights. At the same time, players get less experience, making the overall experience even more difficult.

In addition to the new difficulty options, the update introduces further enhancements and bug fixes.

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