Warframe Update 1.85 Patch Notes 27.4.3 on May 12

Digital Extremes released a new update for Warframe today. We have all the information about this update on May 12.

Warframe Update 1.85 / 27.4.3 can now be downloaded for PS4 and Xbox One. You have to download and install around 1.25 GB.


Warframe Update 27.7.3 Patch Notes 1.85


Two new TennoGen Bundles are here! They feature a curated list of Round 18 items from our talented creators. Find the Bundles in the in-game Market!


TennoGen Bundle XLV

  • Wisp Delusion Skin + Helmet by prosetisen
  • Oberon Youkai Skin + Helmet + Arm Armour by Hitsu San
  • Baruuk Bedouin Skin + Helmet by Erneix and karu


TennoGen Bundle XLVI

  • Polearm Jotunheim Skin by Mz-3
  • Heavy Blade Suprema Skin by Hitsu San and Reil 
  • Two Handed Nikana Arashi Skin by Lubox
  • Heavy Blade Mizar Skin by Girtan

Console Specific Notes: 

  • Selecting “Defaults” in the ‘Customize Controller’ Options will now give you the option to choose to either default ‘All’ bindings or just those in the current tab.
  • Fixed opening the “search” function in several menus while moving the virtual cursor causing it to continue to drift in that direction.
  • Added a new Omni Tool binding! The default binding is R1 + Right Directional-Pad button, to customize go into your Options > Controls > Customize Controller > Ability Menu > Bind ‘Equip Omni’. 
    • The Omni Tool will only be equipped using this shortcut option if it is in the Gear Wheel!
  • Fixed outstanding issue on chat where you’d see loading spinner instead of  “your access to chat has been suspended” when banned.
  • Fixed controller triggers not working correctly if bound to an analog action (such as camera up/down in Decoration mode).
  • Fixed inability to select duplicates of a Mod when using direct text input with a controller.


Nightwave: Series 3: Glassmaker is arriving TODAY at 2 p.m. ET!

After a string of mysterious murders, investigate the latest crime scene to stop a cryptic killer from striking again. Step into Nora’s crime-simula to witness the gruesome work of the Glassmaker. Check the shadows, search for clues and follow the trail of “glassed” bodies to crack the case… before it’s too late.

Beyond the interactive narrative, Nightwave: Series 3 also introduces new Daily and Weekly Acts! Don’t have a Railjack of your own? Railjack Acts can be completed by joining any open crew from the Star Chart.

Nightwave Act Additions:

  • Added the following Nightwave Acts:
    • DAILY
      • Deep Impact: Suspend 5 or more enemies in the air at once with a Heavy Slam Melee Attack
      • Gatherer: Collect 100 Resources
      • Friendly Fire: While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy Fighters
      • Child at Heart: Play a game of Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, or Wyrmius
      • Patron: Donate to the Leverian
      • Doppelganger: Deploy a Specter
      • Swordsman: Complete a Mission with only a Melee Weapon equipped
      • Hands Full: Complete a Mission with only a Primary Weapon equipped
      • Sidearm: Complete a Mission with only a Secondary Weapon equipped
      • No Mercy: Mercy Kill an Enemy
      • Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall
      • Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node
      • Just Visiting: Visit a Featured Dojo
    • WEEKLY
      • Heavy Ordnance: Kill 500 enemies with an Arch Gun
      • Explorer: Complete 3 Railjack Missions
      • Forward Thinking: Destroy a Crewship with Forward Artillery
      • Flawless: Clear a Railjack Boarding Party without your Warframe taking damage
      • Confiscated: Hijack a Crewship from the enemy
      • Machine Interface: Complete a Spy mission with 3 manual console hacks and no alarms
      • Speedster: Finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds
      • Grand: Kill The Exploiter Orb
      • Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich
      • Elite Explorer: Complete 8 Railjack Missions


Where once was fire is now cold resolve. A signature look for a prestige killer.

With time and fire the truth of bone is revealed. The signature Syandana of Ash Shroud.

Born of heat and cold as death, this is the signature bow skin for Ash Shroud.

All that remains is blood and dust. Become the shadow with the Ash Shroud Collection, which includes the cold-blooded Ash Shroud Skin, the venerable Causta Bow Skin and the forged-from-fire-and-bone Cremata Syandana.

Leverian Additions & Changes:

  • A new Leverian has been added for Ash! Drusus has a new tale to tell about….The Scoria. 

Railjack Revisited (Part 1):

Tenno! We are continuing our Warframe Revised update pattern – this time with a focus on Railjack. Earlier this year we released ‘Warframe Revised’ which touched a lot of Warframe, but also included a big batch of bug fixes for Railjack. Now it’s time to dive deeper into key areas: Pacing, Balance, and Tools of the Trade.  Not included in this Revist: Intrinsics,  Missions, and other areas. These are bigger undertakings for later Parts, but expect more revisions to come (to Malfunctions too)!

In Part 1, we are revising Pacing, Balance, and Tools because these 3 make up the foundation of all Railjack gameplay: what’s the pace of Railjack missions? How hard are you hitting enemies (and vice versa)? What are your tools for the trade? This update provides new answers to all of these questions in a new foundation to the Railjack you’ve known since launch. The key intention behind this Railjack Revisited update is to make Railjack better paced and more fun, while also being more rewarding for your time.

You may notice some items listed below are striked-through! On April 24th, we posted a Dev Workshop of these changes, also ran our first ever Public Test Cluster over that weekend, where Tenno could playtest these Railjack changes before they went live. As we iterated on the feedback gathered, we wanted to show this in our update notes: if we iterated on a change following feedback, we have listed the original planned change with strike-through for the sake of comparison! The notes that follow are the Dev implementation of that feedback, which are now live! Whether you participated in the Public Test Cluster or shared your thoughts on the Dev Workshop, thank you again for providing thoughtful feedback on these Railjack changes prior to release, we look forward to more opportunities to do the same. 

General Changes:

  • Doubled the Railjack’s innate loot-pickup (Vacuum) Range.
    • We’ve also improved the way that Vacuums pull items towards the player and the Railjack. The maximum amount of time it takes for the pick-up to reach the player should be a little more consistent now (about 0.75 seconds in most cases).
  • The Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima now has no downtime – it rotates every 30 minutes to a different node with no downtime in between.
  • Changing the pacing and general feel of all Railjack Piloting and movement to be less reliant on the optimal strategy of “Single strafe Boost then Repeat”:
    • Doubled the Railjack’s base Speed.
    • Lowered Boost Speed by 75%.
    • Increased the Boost Speed cost of dodge.
    • Increased Boost Drain.
  • Made scale a factor in damage reduction and bonuses. This means Archwings and their weapons will do more damage to ships, while also taking less damage from them.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the sensitivities of the emplacement positions (side turrets now match the pilot turret).
  • Doubled Revolite crafting yield from 50 to 100.
  • Tripled values of Titanium and Asterite resource drops.
  • Grineer on-foot enemies now drop Archwing Mods, and Captains drop Operation and Dual Stat Archwing Mods.
  • The Omni tool will now slot into the first available slot in the Gear Wheel when given to players instead of being appended to the end.
  • Removed unnecessary ability to use the Omni tool outside of Railjack missions.
  • When transitioning between Railjack missions, your Warframe/Operator Health/Shields will be restored as well as any Vazarin instant Revives.
  • Railjack sessions now lock after 5 minutes or if 50% of the Fighters have died – similar to normal sessions.
  • Railjack Missions now reward more Credits at End of Mission to tie some of the main currencies into the reward structure more heavily.
    • Earth Proxima Missions reward 30,000 – 45,000 Credits depending on the node.
    • Saturn Proxima Missions reward 50,000 – 75,000 Credits depending on the node.
    • Veil Proxima Missions reward 80,000 – 150,000 Credits depending on the node.
  • Removed the whirly spin move of one of the Sentient fighters. He was having just a little bit too much fun and the other Sentients were just not having any of his funny business.
  • Updated the look of the Taktis Grineer Fighter ships.
  • Made slight visual updates to the search bar in the Avionics screen.
  • Made the hit notification sounds clearer when making contact with an enemy fighter. 
  • Removed the mention of ‘Archwing Catapult maneuvers’ from the Engineering Intrinsics description due to none of its Ranks relating to the Archwing Slingshot. You can find Archwing Slingshot improvements under the Gunnery Intrinsic!
  • “Reset Defaults” and “Randomize All” buttons in Railjack cosmetics screen now resets the camera to the overview when viewing the exterior. This makes more sense as these buttons apply changes to the entire ship, and also fixes an issue where if you were focused on the decal or name then the position would be wrong after changing the Railjack skin. 
  • Removed Stance Forma eligibility on Exalted weapons due to Stance Forma providing no benefit to these weapons. With the exception of Garuda’s Talons due to the Talons using standard Stance Mods instead of an Exalted Stance.
  • Your Pet Companions will now teleport alongside you when transitioning between different regions in a Railjack mission (ie Omni Recall, Archwing Slingshot, boarding a Crewship via Archwing, etc). 
    • This addresses feedback that Pet  Companions could take many seconds to catch up, or if it’s bleeding out, won’t catch up at all, thus dying frequently. This also fixes Pet Companions sometimes dying on an exploding Crewship that you’ve already departed from. 
    • A lingering issue we’re chasing is the Join Warp feature not bringing your Pet Companion with you.

Ship Combat Changes:

  • Changed all Health, Shield and Armour to use the new Tenno versions introduced in Warframe Revised.
  • Halved the Health and Armour of all Grineer Fighters.
  • Randomized the amount of Fighters required to be killed during the Extermination portion of the Skirmish mission so it’s not always the same.
  • Decreased the amount of time between landing the killing shot to the enemy explosion on Fighters (0.1 – 1 sec) down from (1-3) seconds. The effect of this will be not only a quicker pace, but also a quicker time to spawn any drops.
  • Decreased Railjack Shield Recharge delay from 5 to 3 seconds. Shield Recharge delay remains at 5 second based on Public Test results. 
  • Railjack Weapon heat build up changes:
    • Apoc – Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 20 to 12. Zekti from 40 to 20
    • Carcinoxx – Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 10 to 8. Zekti from 20 to 12
    • Cryophon – Zekti from 400 to 350
    • Photor – Sigma/Lavan/Vidar heat build up reduced from 10 to 8. Zekti from 20 to 12
  • Railjack Weapon changes:
    • Milati Multi Missile
      • Reload speed increased from 5 secs to 2 secs
      • Projectile speed increased from 250 to 400
      • Pulsar damage increased.
    • Sigma/Lavan/Vidar
      • MK 0 – 43 to 52
      • MK 1 – 78 to 94
      • MK 2 – 133 to 160
      • MK 3 – 213 to 256
    • Zekti
      • MK 1 – 117 to 141
      • MK 2 – 200 to 240
      • MK 3 – 320 to 384

On-Foot Combat Changes:

  • Reduced the Health of all on-foot Grineer Railjack enemies by half.
  • Removed scaled damage controllers from all on-foot Grineer Railjack enemies.


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