Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update 1.11 Patch Notes – Winds Of Magic

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update 1.11 Patch Notes – Winds Of Magic

The developers of Fatshark have released a new update for Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Below you can find the complete, official, patch notes for it.

The Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Update 1.11 is now available for download for all affected systems. Today’s update consists mainly of bug fixes and optimizations, but read for yourself.


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Notes 1.11

  • Added bots to Quickplay Weaves.
  • Fixed an issue where the bots would be despawned way before they were replaced by joining players.
  • Added field of view slider.
  • Fixed various UI strings.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Fix for missing localisation for one of the paintings.
  • Fixed players being placed in to matches without being offered hero selection should their chosen hero be taken, resulting in players entering matches with the wrong hero.
  • Fixed an issue where having too many enemies alive prevented completion of the ‘Cage Breaker’ challenge on Against the Grain.
  • Fixed bots taking damage when they are teleported to you/a team mate whilst mid-air.
  • Enemies, notably the Chaos Spawn and Rat Ogre (but this does apply to all enemies) will slowly nudge players who find themselves stood within the enemy unit, through expiration of a cloak ability or other such means. This fixes situations where enemy AI could not reach the player stood “inside” them.
  • Fixed battle wizard career ability fire trail going further than the player travels. Fixed fire trail not appearing if player jumps over a gap in the navmesh* (*the path on which AI can travel)
  • Fixed fire bombs not aggroing patrols if they step on the fire, now applying dots to enemies to alert them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Achivement “Ride Together, Die Together” could not be completed on Legend difficulty.
  • Changes the backstab trigger to calculate on clients instead of server
  • Updated all hidden spawners on all levels to try and combat facespawning issues.
  • Updates to enemy considerations to try and fight hyperdensity.
  • Updates to horde spawning, primarily targeting ambushes.
  • Fixes issue where the host hear the backstab indicator when bots are being backstabbed
  • Updated how sweeps are calculated for:
    • 1h Swords, Kruber and Sienna
    • Dual Wield Daggers, Kerillian
    • Dual Wield Swords, Kerillian
    • Spears and Shield, Kerillian
    • Spears, Kerillian2h
    • Swords, Kerillian
  • This should reduce the chance of getting Phantom Sweeps when playing at low fps and/or very high attack speed.
  • Added Push/Block angle to weave melee weapons.
  • An issue caused these to not display properly as an option that could be selected.
  • Adjusted beastmen jump/climb up timers to reduce snappiness.
  • Fixed missing sounds on Kerillian’s Shield+Spear.
  • Fixed missing sounds for Bardin’s hammers.
  • Overhauled the sound mix to improve enemy specials awareness.
  • Removed spawn stingers for Ratling Gunner, Warpfire Thrower.
  • Fixes hordes spawning without the horde music and ambience.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies using the combo attack (Plague Monk etc) wouldn’t face their target.
  • Beastmen and chaos ambush horde music now triggers earlier to give a better indication for the player when they are about to be engaged.
  • Beastmen and chaos horde ambiance has been changed to the same effect.
  • Fixed a case of super fast Gutter Runner behaviours. Seemed to be an interaction between assassin rats and edges in terrain/geometry.
  • Keep us posted!Fixed some situations where patrols spawned too close to the player.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Warriors sometimes could hit player that were very close behind them when performing their overhead cleave attacks.
  • Fixed an exploit with Fire Walk and Slayer’s Leap which allowed some solid objects to be passed through.
  • Bulwark’ Talent – Fixed an issue that caused the bonus damage to enemies you stagger to be applied to ranged attacks. Now only affects melee attacks.


  • Sienna – Battle Wizard – Flame Walk – She can no longer target her flame walk whilst airborne. This is mechanically unchained, but previously you could target whilst airborne but you couldn’t use the ability.
  • Sienna – Battle Wizard – Kaboom! – Now applies the proper burning effect on both the start location and the target location.
  • Markus Kruber – Mercenary – Blade Barrier – Fixed an issue where the talent could not be triggered if you had the talent “Enhanced Training” selected.
  • Markus Kruber – Mercenary – Walk it Off! – Now refreshes duration if Morale Boost is activated while the damage reduction is active.
  • Kerillian – Shade – Vanish – Changed icon of the invisibility buff to indicate that Kerillian is under the effect of Vanish.
  • Saltzpyre – Witch Hunter Captain – The Unending Hunt – Fixed an issue that caused the the ability to refund 80% cooldown rather than the intended 40%.
  • Saltzpyre – Witch Hunter Captain – The Unending Hunt – Fixed an issue where the cooldown would not be properly reduced while playing as a client.
  • Saltzpyre – Zealot – Heart of Iron – Fixed the talent from not preventing death if the damage taken is greater than the total max health of the player.
  • Bardin – Ranger Veteran – Firing Fury – Now refreshes duration of reload speed buff if triggered again.WEAPONS & MISC
  • Crit Counter buffs of Mercenary and Zealot now show when they trigger.
  • Empire Longbow – When zoom is held, will maintain zoomed in state instead of flipping in and out after each shot. Should yield a smoother experience when using the longbow.
  • Bolt Staff – Fixed an issue where the second level of charge for the spear had less cleave than the first and third level of charge.
  • Swiftbow – Increased headshot damage of charged attacks.
  • Longbow – Increased headshot damage of light attacks.
  • Longbow – Increased Body shot damage of charged attacks vs Berserker-class enemies.
  • Fixed issues where critical hits dealt less damage to certain enemy types with certain weapons:Repeating Crossbows, Saltzpyre and Kerillian.
  • Blunderbuss and Grudge-Raker, Markus and Bardin.
  • Hagbane impact damage, Kerillian.
  • Fireball Staff, Sienna.
  • Bolt Staff, charge level 2 heavy spear attack.
  • Flamethrower heavy attacks, Sienna and Bardin.
  • Shield heavy attack slams, Markus and Bardin.
  • Dual Axes push attack, Bardin.
  • Flaming Sword claw attack, Sienna.
  • Greathammer, Bardin and Markus.
  • Cermonial Dagger – Heavy attack 1 chains slightly faster into heavy attack 2.
  • Hagbane – Removed projectile penetration on charged shot to make sure it always creates poison cloud on impact.
  • Fixed issue where the player wouldn’t respawn or take a really long time to respawn in the final arena part of a Weave.


  • Skittergate: Fixed a case of Skippergate.
  • Skittergate: Fixed a cliffedge which had no hangledge and heroes whom fell there were just insta-killed.
  • Skittergate: Bots should now behave a bit better around the ledges during the escape.
  • Skittergate: Fixed various AI navigation and sticky locations.
  • Athel Yenlui: Fixed a handful of sticky locations.
  • Tweaked the end events of the following missions:The end events should be less punishing on higher difficulties, and slightly less challenging on all difficulties across the board.
    • Convocation of Decay
    • Fort Barkenbörken
    • Skittergate
    • Garden of Morr
    • The Screaming Bell
    • Righteous Stand
    • Engines of War

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