Weird West Update 1.11 – Bug Fixes on June 24

Weird West Update 1.11 – Bug Fixes on June 24

WolfEye Studios has released update 1.11 for Weird West for the live servers. There are some general bug fixes and nothing more, just a small hotfix patch.

If you wanted to know exactly what corrections were made in Weird West today, read on because now the patch notes follow.

For those who are interested: The global developer version has the number 1.03D.


Weird West patch Notes 1.11 / 1.03D

  • Fix for Player inventory duplicating and overriding Player’s Horse inventory
  • Fix for Ranged Weapon fire rate going crazy in some rare contexts
  • Fix for Weapon Perks and Item Durability being reset when put in Horse’s Saddlebag or Bank Safe after save/reload
  • Fix (for real this time!) Ruth becoming hostile after being captured during a Bounty mission
  • Fix for Dead Zone issue on game pad (introduced when fixing the one on Mouse)
  • Fix for some Amulets’ effects remaining active after unequipping the amulet


As always, we have the details from official sources, in this case Steam.

Written by: Carizma

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