What we know about the endgame and future plans of Anthem

What we know about the endgame and future plans of Anthem

What does Anthem offer in the endgame and what could follow content after the release? We summarize what is known so far.

What is the endgame about? In the endgame of Anthem, the main goal is to find better and better equipment for the four Javelin suits. Therefore, it is mainly about playing missions again on higher levels of difficulty and continuously collecting better equipment.

With the Strongholds and the Contracts Anthem offers two main activities for the launch. In addition, three levels of difficulty are unlocked at a certain level, in the style of Diablo 3’s ranks.


The Strongholds – Like little raids

This is how Strongholds work: The Strongholds are special missions that send you to a larger dungeon. In this dungeon certain orders and some tough opponents are waiting for you.

So far, a stronghold is known, in which it goes in the end against the swarm-tyrant. However, you still have to complete some tasks in front of the boss. So you have to collect echoes in the first section and bring them to a certain point. The second phase is about relics that open the door to the last section: The Boss Fight.

In this fight, it really gets down to business. The Swarm Tyrant is a huge, insect-like beast that spawns ever smaller specimens of its kind. But her weak points on the back are very easy to hit.

There is a reward: After each section a loot box appears. In the demo version of Anthem, the content of these boxes was very generous. That could change in the full version but quite.

If you kill the boss, there is another loot bonus and a large amount of experience points. In principle, the loot can be anything from weapons to skill mods. The higher the level of difficulty, the less likely the reward will be.

Strongholds should be the best way to release them to find rare loot. But there are also the contracts, the other part of the known endgame.


Contracts always give mission replenishment

How Contracts Work: Contracts are contracts. You will be sent on missions in this context. The legendary version of these contracts will be one of your main activities in the endgame of Anthem.

Contracts are repeatable missions whose details are regenerated each time. In the end, they are randomly generated missions. They may well differ in location, target, opponent and mission type. This should keep the contracts varied.

There is a reward: The loot and the reward adapts to the level of difficulty of the contracts. Legendary contracts bring accordingly very high quality equipment.

Grandmaster difficulty for better loot
How Difficulties Work in Anthem: There are six levels of difficulty altogether, but only three are available at the beginning of the game:

  • Light
  • normal
  • Heavy

In addition, there are still the levels Grandmaster 1 to 3, which are part of the endgame. But you can not choose it yet. To unlock them, you must reach the maximum level of 30. Then you can freely choose between them.

There is a reward: The higher the level of difficulty, the higher the chance of rare loot. But in addition, the opponents are much stronger. Ultimately, one of Anthem’s goals will be to master all Grandmaster ranks to get the best loot.


And what will happen in the future?

BioWare says: In an interview with Gamespot, Anthem’s lead producer, Ben Irving, commented on possible content that might appear after release.

Raids are part of the plans, Irving calls them aspirational content. This means content of games whose progress is designed to master those specific contents: “We believe in aspirational content, I think in other games you can call the raids. We have plans for “aspirational content” and live service. “

In addition to raids, one also looks for other ways to bind players to the world of Anthem. These include opportunities to compete “friendly” within the community.


Game world can be changed constantly

This could become even more important in the future: Anthem was developed in such a way that the creators can constantly make changes to the world. This is even linked to the history of the game and should be in the form of special events designed to prevent content drought.

According to Irving, the “Anthem of Creation” is constantly creating things and could cause chaos in the world. He imagines the effect like this:

“You may just log in, go out into free mode and something is different. And sometimes it’s just something mysterious and you have to figure out what happened.”

So BioWare can quite easily start new events that even have a visible impact on the Open World. How it looks in practice, the time will show after the launch on 22 February.

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