Will the story of Destiny 2: Forsaken continue on Tuesday’s update?

Will the story of Destiny 2: Forsaken continue on Tuesday’s update?

Destiny 2 has a patch on Tuesday. In addition to many changes to the game itself, the update could also drive the story of Destiny 2: It is time to break a curse and find the 15th wish.

That’s why Destiny 2’s story is so difficult: Forsaken told a story about Destiny 2 but did not close it.

The story of Forsaken ended in a complex stalemate. The final boss of the raid “Last Wish,” Riven, voiced a curse on the Dreaming City, which keeps the keepers trapped in an eternal battle.

The “Dreaming City” is cursed and as long as the curse is not broken, the story actually does not go on, but keeps repeating itself.

The characters of Destiny 2 know that they are stuck in this situation, which apparently has no way out. They are stuck.

This is the story in Destiny 2: Destiny 2 does not really tell the story of Forsaken in his DLCs, but goes his own way:

  • The first DLC is about forging
  • The 2nd DLC will revolve around the Gambit
  • and in the 3rd DLC “Penumbra” Bungie seems to have something completely different, but does not tell us what they are planning exactly


But it does not look as if we turn in the DLCs again the current “Main Story“.

Forsaken himself is not finished, but continues to tell his story every week.

Players can complete a quest with each reset to make a sacrifice to the oracle and then contact the queen, Mara Sov. That should please break the curse nicely.

That’s what the queen does: In the past few weeks there has been a dispute between the ghost of the player and the queen:

The ghost prompted Mara Sov to finally act and solve the frustrating stalemate. But Mara Sov got angry and corrected the mind, she had no idea how difficult her situation was.

In the last week there was a rather quiet cutscene in the oracle. Petra Venj spoke to the queen and told her that she was ready for the big battle.

This is different on Tuesday: The YouTuber UnknownPlayer explains in a video, why he thinks that on Tuesday, the 29.1., The story could take a new turn:

The situation is getting worse, as we saw in the last dialogues. It is the 7th visit of the queen and the number 7 plays a big role for Bungie – because every three weeks you are admitted to the throne room of the queen and this cycle starts for the seventh time
Anyway, there will be a “Content-Patch” on Tuesday, also the quest for “The Last Word” should come back

And it is expected that the Queen will speak on the rebirth of her brother, Uldren Sov, who is a hot candidate for the job of “Hunter Vanguard

Even Dataminer had assumed that it would take 7 cycles to break the curse.

So there’s a good reason to say that on Tuesday the story of Forsaken goes on, or even comes to an end. This is even more exciting: Another puzzle could be related to the “Breaking the Curse”: The 15th wish in the “Wishing Well” by Destiny is still not found.

PlayerUnknown believes this could be the desire Riven used to curse the Dreaming City. Maybe the wish could cause the curse to be broken. Perhaps this puzzle will be resolved in the next few days.

The 15th wish is the last wish in the secret room – even the raid is entitled “Last wish.”

Maybe next Tuesday, we’ll see not only changes to the weapons of Destiny 2 and the super abilities, but also a progression of the story.

Written by: Dom

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