Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update 1.0.0 Patch Notes

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update 1.0.0 Patch Notes

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is now available on Steam, there is also the first major patch. We have the full patch notes for this update on February 13th.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update 1.0.0 can now be downloaded for PC via Steam. The update improves many things and also fixes many bugs.


Wolcen Patch Notes 1.0.0


  • All characters and chests are wiped.
  • Adding the female character.
  • You can now customize your character when you create it and choose between different hair dispositions, faces, and colors.
  • Adding Chapters 2 and 3!
  • Adding two difficulty modes for the campaign: the Story mode allows you to enjoy the campaign without worrying about the difficulty. The Normal mode allows you to experience Wolcen as we want you to.
  • Adding Champion of Stormfall game mode which unlocks after you complete the story. You can only play this mode in Normal difficulty.
  • Adding the credits.
  • A lot of improvements have been brought to visual elements, performance and network.
  • Improved animations for all cinematics and characters.


User Interface

  • The HUD and the global UI have been improved to fit the game’s content.
  • You can now access the Cosmetic Inventory by pressing B to change the appearance of your armors and weapons, and apply dyes to armors.
  • Adding the Aspect of Apocalypse window to select your Aspect.
  • Adding socket reforge panel at Zenefer Stark’s shop.
  • Adding overlay map for fixed areas as well as randomly generated areas.


User Experience

  • Skills now have a list of keywords to give a better understanding of what will affect them.
  • Two-handed weapons are now shown in both weapon slots.
  • Adding a line on the weapon tooltip to specify if it’s a “one-handed” or a “two-handed” weapon.
  • You now have an option to show only the item type of items on the ground instead of their full name. This is enabled by default.
  • Adding an option to automatically refuse friend requests.
  • Adding an option to hide friend request notifications.
  • Adding an option to show item level.
  • You can now modify the zoom on your overlay map.
  • Streamer mode can be enabled, which will hide the number in your Wolcen Tag.
  • You can now limit the FPS directly from the in-game menu.


All Behavior

  • Some enemy types are now able to fight in formations.
  • General improvements of AI behaviors have been made.



  • Adding several new environments for random dungeons.
  • Adding secondary areas, you will be able to find them randomly during your journey or dungeons. They can have rewarding secondary objectives attached to them.
  • Adding checkpoints before events to allow a quick reentry.
  • Adding Altars: The Aspects of Apocalypse Shrines drop Primordial Essence globes when you click on it. These globes refill your Primordial Essence (Aspect of Apocalypse resource).
  • Adding Altars: The Offering Shrines allow you to select an item in a list of items.
  • Adding Altars: The Companion Shrines summon a companion that will fight alongside you.
  • Adding Altars: The Altar of Greed spawns 6 cursed chests. You have a limited time to open them and kill the monsters they spawn. Each chest open gives a bonus of rarity to the other ones.



  • Safeguard against Sarisel spawning sound spam.
  • Merchants now have lines to play on various interactions.
  • The player character now has dynamic dialogue during gameplay.
  • The Sarisel Chosen now have voiced lines
  • Tons of sound improvements throughout the game.



  • Characters can now level up to 90.
  • All skills have been rebalanced.
  • Potions can now be used instantly.
  • Weakness ailment now only reduces the damage inflicted by the enemy.
  • Curse ailment no longer spreads ailments. Instead, it increases the damage inflicted to the enemy.
  • You can now unlock Aspects of Apocalypse. Once your Apocalyptic Gauge is full enough (about a third), you can transform into one of four Aspects for a limited time, wrecking havoc amongst your foes. Each aspect has its own Skills and mechanics. The Apocalyptic Gauge can be filled by killing monsters.
  • Primary stats have been reworked. Agility, Ferocity and Willpower no longer have a defensive bonus. Toughness now gives bonuses to Health and Force Shield.
  • The Break Bar is a new way to handle hard crowd control immunity (stun and freeze for example). When an elite or a boss monster receives a stun (or any hard CC), it will lower its break bar based on the duration of the stun. The break bar is also damaged as the monster receives damage. Once the break bar is emptied, the monster will be broken.
  • When a monster is broken, he is stunned for 5 seconds, receives more damage and can’t be affected by any hard crowd control effect until the break bar is regenerated after a few seconds.
  • You now only have 2 stash tabs available during the campaign. The endgame allows you to unlock 3 more stash tabs.
  • Enneract can now be consumed for Primordial Affinity by right-clicking on them in the player inventory.
  • The amount of Primordial Affinity gained by consuming an Enneract has been greatly reduced.
  • The amount of skill experience gained with Primordial Affinity has been increased consequently.
  • The Attributes reset cost has been increased.
  • The Gate of Fates reset cost has been reduced to fit the Primordial Affinity gain reduction.



  • Adding numerous new enemies.
  • New active boss modifiers have been added. They will mainly appear in the post campaign content. These boss modifiers are skills that are automatically casted at regular intervals. They can either send projectiles or spawn dangerous areas of effects.
  • The “imbued” type modifiers now also provide creatures with an increased chance to apply ailments of the corresponding type.
  • Adding 27 new monsters “Named”: these monsters are harder versions of other monsters that you encountered during the campaign. They can randomly spawn in almost every area and provide high rewards.
  • Adding 3 new hidden bosses: at some specific locations during the campaign, you can now encounter hidden bosses. During the campaign, hidden bosses can only be killed once and provide a unique challenge with high rewards.
  • Increased HP for all boss fights of Chapter 1.
  • Wailon has a new skill.
  • Rebalanced almost all creatures from Chapter 1 for more fluid and interesting combat.
  • The Untainted Shadowblade, the Untainted Zealot and the Untainted Mindsealer are not immune to crowd control effects anymore.
  • In order to improve readability in fights, we have reduced the movement speed of most trash monsters and some monster projectiles.



  • Adding new armors and weapons.
  • Adding 18 new unique items.
  • Adding new magic effects on items. As an exemple, you’ll be able to find more offensive options on armor slots.
  • Reworked existing magic effects. As an exemple : bonus to critical chance score on weapons and armors gave an increase in percent making them useful only if you had a base to scale. They now provide a flat score increase.
  • Adding new base modifiers on two-handed melee weapons and staves to give them a bit more of personality. Two-handed melee weapons now come with a bonus to attack damage but have an attack speed malus. Staves basic attack now bounces up to 2 times.
  • Adding new tiers of potions to match the character progression.
  • Gems are now stackable, shift + left click to unstack. Max stack size is 20.
  • There are now 12 different types of gems.
  • Gems now have 9 different types of effects depending on the sockets instead of 3.
  • Gem sockets on items can now be rerolled at the Jeweler shop in Stormfall, changing your item sockets configuration.
  • Adding the Genesis Stone special Gem.
  • Adding 140 dyes. You can now loot and add dyes to your collection by using the right click on them. This unlocks colors that you can use on your armor to customize them on all your characters.
  • When you obtain an item that’s not already in your collection, you automatically add its skin in your Cosmetic Inventory for all your characters.
  • You can now loot Ethereal Reagents that allow you to craft various modifications on items.
  • You can combine the effect of Ethereal Reagents and Gems to control the outcome of your item modification.
  • Gold value of items has been changed in order to better work with the new level progression.
  • Enneracts can’t be sold for Gold anymore.
  • The cost of Enneracts sold by Demetra has been increased.



  • Adding the endgame feature. It is only accessible once you finish the campaign. This is a distinct game mode called Champion of Stormfall and accessible from the character selection screen.
  • Mandates have been rebalanced.
  • Alexander Ivakin has been removed. “Dashing” Eugene is now the one in charge of Mandates and Expeditions.
  • The endgame offers the possibility to ask Demetra to create a copy of a skill once the original has reached a sufficient level. The copy can be customized differently, and can be copied again later. Be warned that cooldown timers are shared between copies of the same skill.
  • Adding new consumable items for endgame, allowing you to launch missions with different rules than usual.
  • Adding many account bonuses only accessible through Champion of Stormfall.
  • Increased the cost in Gold of a map modifier.
  • Reduced the cost in Primordial Affinity of the Untainted lure.
  • Increased the Item rarity bonus of the Untainted mode.
  • Reduced the item rarity bonus of the Untainted mode.
  • Reduced the gold and Primordial affinity of the Untainted mode.
  • A trade shrine has been added at the end of expeditions: it allows to sell items without getting out of the current expedition.
  • The quest rewards for expeditions have been reworked: there is no item anymore but the experience and gold obtained now scale with the number of floors completed.
  • The max number of floors for each run is now limited to 3 (instead of 6)
  • The area modifiers have been largely modified.
  • The increased rarity value per area modifier has been reduced.
  • The increased quantity value per area modifier has been reduced.
  • 12 area modifiers have been removed: Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Aether Resistance, Sacred Resistance, Shadow Resistance, Rend Resistance, Toxic Resistance,Physical Resistance, Random explosions when in combat, Explosions when a monster dies, Explosions following the players.
  • Most of the other area modifiers have been rebalanced.
  • 78 area modifiers have been added, including new modifiers that are only applied to a specific archetype of enemy: underlings, specialists or champions. And new modifiers that apply an active boss modifier to all monsters of a specific archetype.


Active Skills

  • Adding Anomaly skill
  • Adding Blood for Blood skill
  • Adding Light-Bringer skill
  • Adding Evasion skill
  • Adding Eclipse skill
  • Adding Juggernaut skill
  • Adding Livor Mortis skill
  • Adding Parasite skill
  • Adding Plagueburst skill
  • Adding Solarfall skill
  • Adding Flight of Gaavanir skill
  • Adding Infinity Blades skill
  • Adding Feeding Swarm skill
  • Adding Hunting Swarm skill
  • Adding Duskshroud skill
  • Adding “Deathgazer” Railgun skill
  • All Active Skills now have 16 modifiers.
  • Skill modifiers now have 3 different tiers with different costs (1, 2 or 3 points). The icons for each modifier tier has been improved.
  • You now only have a maximum of 10 modifier points.
  • Skills can now be levelled up to 90.
  • Adding more details on modifiers to let the players know the efficiency of the bonuses.
  • Basic Attacks tooltips now display values such as average damage, ailment chances, number of projectiles and more.
  • Gunslinger’s Brand now selects targets automatically as you swipe your mouse cursor over them.


Gate of Fates

  • Adding 12 new sections to the third ring of the Gate of Fates. Each of these offer access to new advanced and unique powers.
  • Ring base modifiers have been changed to be more interesting.
  • Several new passives from the third ring now use a new UI system to display their own gauges and points counters.
  • All Gate of Fates values have been rebalanced.
  • You now only receive 1 Passive Point per level.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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