Wolcen Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes – Server Down on February 20

After there were some problems in Wolcen again, a new update was released. Objects were gone, weapons could not be found in the inventory, update 1.0.4 should fix some problems!

The Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update 1.0.4 can now be downloaded. Below you will find the complete patch notes for the update on February 20, 2020.


Wolcen Patch Notes 1.0.4


  • Fixing a crash on connection if a player starts an endgame “transmutation forge” project.
  • Fixing an issue allowing players to have more passive skill nodes activated than their total points would allow.
  • Fixing item duplication via chest panel issue (offline).
  • Fixing stackable items duplication.
  • Fixing invalid sell price on stacked items.
  • Fixing an issue that caused a chest panel deletion when changing acts.
  • Fixing item deletion when exiting the game while dragging an item from the inventory.
  • Fixing an issue causing players to fall from act 1 boss’ platform while using Warpath.
  • Fixing an issue causing crafting reagents to ignore lower tier gems when selecting magic effects.
  • Fixing an issue preventing DOT damage bonuses to be displayed in the character sheet detail panel.


User Interface

  • Fixing an issue making items on the ground hard to pick up depending on the framerate.


Active Skills

  • Fixing an issue preventing summoned minions bonuses to work.
  • The Wealth Omens cannot be possessed by Parasite anymore.
  • Fixing an issue preventing Livor Mortis damage redirection to work.
  • Fixing an issue causing Livor Mortis damage redirection to invalidate player magic effects.



  • Fixing an issue preventing offline characters to be saved.



  • Fixing issues regarding network load & unretrieved data.



  • Fixing an issue to prevent player from going to Helmshire before talking to Valeria during “Dawnbringer”
  • Fixing two soft-locks preventing players to go in the Monolith
  • Remove double objectives while exiting Battlefield Overlook during “Infiltration”
  • Fixing progression issue in Cell-F Ramparts during “The Gates of Fury”
  • Remove quest FX on Sirkis’ cutscene during “The Bane of the Storm”
  • Improve Edric and Val’s stability during “Children of Heimlock”
  • Improve behavior of the fast travel tutorial during “Meet the Purifiers”
  • Improve transition from gameplay to the last cutscene during “Children of Heimlock”
  • Improve clarity of the objectives on quest “Chasing Val”
  • Improve script of the quest “Chasing Val”
  • Improve script around Zima’s dialog during “Creeping Shadows”
  • Fixing a wrong dialog portrait displayed during “Children of Heimlock”
  • Fixing an issue preventing players from talking to Zima in act 2.
  • Fixing an issue preventing players from progressing further during act 2.



  • Fixing a bug allowing Eos “Dawn’s pious striker” to kill certain story bosses under 15% of their max health when used in combination with “Sudden Death”.
  • Fixing an issue with the Endgame special boss preventing loot to drop upon death.
  • Fixing an issue with the Endgame special boss that sometimes didn’t have the right level.



  • Replacing the bonus to “health on this item” on Purifier’s Statement unique spaulder by a “maximum health” bonus. Existing items will be rerolled.
  • Fixing the “additional stamina points” magic effect on boots being unable to roll on high level items.
  • Fixing the Macksfesten Enneract cosmetic mismatch that made it appear as an unknown weapon and without any mesh.


Gate of Fates

  • Fixing a bug with Child Of Fury node “Blistering Embrace” and “Shattering Strike”. They didn’t work properly.
  • White Arrow node “Acute Tracking” now allows for a maximum of 10 “Cold Blooded” points, up from 5 maximum points.
  • Siegebreaker node “Secure Parry” now gives 0.1% Health Regeneration per “Inexorable” point down from 10% Health Regeneration per “Inexorable Point”. Percentages are hard.
  • Siegebreaker node “Bane of Tyranny” now has its correct value too ! Your Damage is now increased by +0.5 multiplier by your equipped Shield’S block chance instead of 50. Again.. percentages are hard !


Aspects of Apocalypse

    Aspects of the Apocalypse balance: we reduced their duration and increased their damage in order to make these forms more impactful in comparison with non-Apocalypse damage per second.
    Base damages of all Aspects of Apocalypse skills have been increased by 60%.

Aspect of Dawn:

  • Immaculate Score: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Immaculate Score: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Dawn Choir: increase cost from 10 -> 60
  • Dawn Choir: increase damage multiplier by 300%
  • Will of the Protector: increase cost from 20 -> 60
  • Hammer of the Aurora: increase cost from 20 -> 100
  • All-Cleansing Light: increase cost from 100 -> 200

Aspect of War

  • Frenzy attack: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Frenzy attack: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Charge of the First warrior: increase cost from 20 -> 60
  • Charge of the First warrior: increase damage multiplier by 200%
  • Unfliching Assault: increase cost from 10 -> 20
  • Scorching Obelisk: increase cost from 20 -> 100
  • Strife of Baäpheth: increase cost from 100 -> 200

Aspect of Infinity

  • Biorhytmic Missiles: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Biorhytmic Missiles: increase damage multiplier by 150%
  • Parallel Convergence: increase cost from 10 -> 40
  • Parallel Convergence: increase damage multiplier by 200%
  • Calamitous Paradox: increase cost from 20 -> 150
  • Calamitous Paradox: reduce the bonus damage per Point of Entropy by 70%.
  • Calamitous Paradox: increased cooldown from 5 -> 10 seconds
  • Inevitable Obsolescence: increase cost from 20 -> 100
  • Inevitable Obsolescence: reduce damage multiplier by 20%.
  • Spatial Warp: increase cost per second from 25 -> 40
  • Spatial Warp: reduce max duration of the last phase from 5 seconds -> 3 seconds.
  • Spatial Warp: reduce damage multiplier of the first phase by 50%.
  • Spatial Warp: reduce damage multiplier of the second phase by 33%.
  • Spatial Warp: reduce damage multiplier of the last phase by 25%.

Aspect of Flesh

  • Boneblade Incisions: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Boneblade Incisions: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Bone Shuriken: increase cost from 20 -> 40
  • Bone Shuriken: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Eviscerating Flurry: increase cost from 20 -> 50
  • Eviscerating Flurry: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • The Ungering Flesh: increase cost per second from 20 -> 50
  • The Ungering Flesh: reduce damage multiplier of the final hit by 40%.



  • Added “Feeding Swarm” enneract in the quest reward when you talk to Demetra for the first time.
  • Fixing a generation issue on some Maps and Reverie incense leading to the wrong area (ex: expedition with more chests that don’t have any chest).
  • Fixing some rare occurrence of the Offering Shrine to be unable to generate valid objects at a low character level.



  • Restored missing sound effects, ambiance and music across the game.
  • Some performance gains from optimisations to environmental audio.



  • Changed the name of Concealed Pistol, it’s now named Radiant Pistol
  • You can now fast travel instead of fast tavel.
  • Removed the double occurrence of “Rogue” in the Siegebreaker “Salvatory Anchor”
  • Added missing localization for some error messages.
  • Fixing some typos in dialogues.

In addition to this, know that we’re also currently working on other issues/additions and although they’re not in the patch note, we’re hoping that they will be resolved/added in this week’s patch. If they are not, they will be in the patch next week: 

  • PTBR localization selection
  • Adding Korean language
  • Unable to click “Play” in multiplayer
  • Act III boss stuck during the boss fight and can’t be killed
  • Unconfirmed item dupes
  • Act I boss stuck during his ultimate and can’t be killed
  • Force Shield synchronization and related nodes leading Force Shield to behave strangely


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Newy February 19, 2020 | Reply

    There was no update on Febuary 18 this is false information…..

    • J.P. February 19, 2020 | Reply

      Strange, in our Steam account we have received information about this update. This also gives us the patch notes …
      I’ve checked that now, you’re right! The patch notes have been released and the update will be available later this week.

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