World of Tanks Update 1.74 – Patch Notes on June 15

World of Tanks Update 1.74 – Patch Notes on June 15

The developers of World of Tanks have released a new console update today. Today’s update brings us some new content, such as the new WW2 Premium Tank: ES 75 TS.

The World of Tanks Update 1.74 can be downloaded and installed now. But now for the details!


World of Tanks Patch Notes 1.74

Content Changes: 


Insider Information First Look:

  • Bisonte C45
    • *This tank is still in development and may not reflect how it looks upon release*
    • **This tank does not release tomorrow. It is just a first look. Release date for this tank is not set**



  • On Friday, we talked about fixes for both the gun raising and reticle jumps bugs arriving Tuesday. Tomorrow we will confirm if they are fixed.



  • Fun Under The Sun:
    • M41B Brazilian Bulldog
    • STG
    • Beach Party
    • Battalion 23 Commander
  • Desert Heat:
    • Nomad Somua SM
    • HMH FV305
      • Black Skull Emblem
    • Turtle
    • Cunning Ocelot Commander
  • Tigers On The Prowl:
    • Tiger 217
    • Heavy Tank no. VI
    • T-VI-100
  • Summertime Faves
    • FV1066 Senlac
    • King Dragon Type 59
    • HMH M51 Super Sherman
      • Black Skull Emblem


Deals of the Week:

  • Bizon T-103
  • Paladin Caenarvon Action X


Personal Offers:

  • ISU-122S
  • General T 27
  • Terrapin Mk.1


Our information comes from the Official Website, so it’s all confirmed news for World of Tanks.

Written by: Carizma

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