World of Warcraft: Hotfix for mana regeneration

World of Warcraft: Hotfix for mana regeneration

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A few hours ago, the developers at Blizzard played a series of PvP hotfixes on the World of Warcraft live servers to improve balance on the battlefields and in the arenas. But now there is a new problem: Thanks to the weakened mana regeneration, amputee shamans under level 120 now lose their valuable resource instead of building it up.

Just in time for the ID change, World of Warcraft developers released a series of hotfixes for mages, villains and shamans to help them balance PvP. Among other things, the designers thereby reduced the mana regeneration of reinforcement shamans in the fight against other players by 30 percent.

Now, there seems to be a problem with the Shaman. In the official forum, players report that their shaman continuously loses mana instead of building the resource slowly. The error probably only appears on amplifiers that have not reached level 120 yet.

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