World War 3 Update 0.3 released – Patch Notes

World War 3 Update 0.3 released – Patch Notes

world war 3 patch

World War 3 Update 0.3 is live! loading time improvements, optimization and new content! We have all the details and the official patch notes.

The new patch adds the new TDM Map Berlin Backyards and the new weapon Scar H. There are more new content and improvements, read everything below in the WW3 Patch Notes 0.3.

World War 3 Patch Notes 0.3


  • New TDM map: Berlin Backyards,
  • New prototype map: Smoleńsk Greybox (still WIP),
  • Metagame reimplementation,
  • New main battle tank: Abrams,
  • New battle rifle: Scar H,
  • New uniform: USMC,
  • 5 new USMC Camouflages,
  • 5 new weapon skins,
  • 6 new vehicle skins,
  • Localization: German, Polish and Russian,
  • Help section added to main menu,


  • Vastly improved load times,
  • Big improvements to RAM usage (8GB is the new minimum requirement, down from 16),
  • New respawn system on Warzone,
  • Quick radio chat [default: Y],
  • Cart Mode in the customization for previewing items,
  • Map autorotation (you can stay on the server and keep playing),
  • Map balancing (you can choose to switch teams and get a reward for doing so!),
  • Warmup / Waiting for minimal and expected players amount in Warzone same as in TDM,
  • Weight limit for loadouts,
  • Added gamemode explanation to loading screens,
  • Sharpen video setting added to game (30 percent is now default value),
  • Implemented buying multiple items for cart mode in menu,
  • Added subtitle in to on-screen messages,
  • Added weight breakdown by item (weapons, armor),
  • Added frame limiter to menu – now you can tell your GPU to stop working 100% while in the menu [default: 60fps],


  • Tweaked game length to 45 minutes and 5000 points. You wanted longer games so there you have it! After a lot of testing we think this setup, combined with the current victory point income, should be optimal for the current pace of Warzone,
  • Armor HP globally reduced to 50 points (was 100). Equipment packs should be more useful now since the armors should break after a fight or two and require repairs,
  • Global reduction of default ammo AP penetration values to slightly buff the role of armors, nerf overperforming guns (ARs most notably) and increase the importance of AP rounds,
  • MCS damage nerf to 14 max, 10 medium and 7 long range. This shotgun was outsniping ARs and BRs, it should be more in-control now,
  • Added damage falloff to 0 for shotguns at 100 meters; MCS starts it at 85m and Vepr at 60. Shotguns badly needed a max range since, due to their shooting mechanics, you could snipe people up to 200 meters away with them,
  • Vehicle mass and speed 2nd pass,
  • Hipfire tweaks for all weapons (better spread reduction between bursts),


  • Added a number of match progression messages that should help with player awareness and overall flow,
  • Friendly fire is now disabled on vehicle optics, so bad players can no longer steal vehicles this way,
  • Warsaw TDM map blockout changes (semi-hidden part is now open to gameplay),
  • Marking is vastly improved,
  • Improved UAV and Jammer map representation,
  • Tweaked the existing low magnification scopes and red dots; More outlandish crosshairs replaced with realistic ones, tweaked for better visibility,
  • Additional weapon and attachment statistics added to the menu,
  • Attachment balance pass,
  • Weapon screen positions slightly tweaked for better laser sight utility and overall usability,
  • Artillery: Increased effective range of shells; improved the splash damage falloff for shrapnel rounds,
  • Increased MBT, IFV and AFV armor durability,
  • Increased all turrets’ durability against projectiles, turrets are significantly thicker than body armor,
  • Increased UGV and Quad durability against bullets,
  • Improved UGV movement,
  • Improved turning for MBT and AFV,
  • Improved particle effects for wheels and tracks,
  • Adjusted MBTs engines’ force while climbing,
  • Shorter times for returning to Battle Zone for vehicles – 2 seconds for air vehicles and 5 for land,
  • Better visual of on-screen messages – new font and shadow added for better visibility,
  • Audio: Footsteps and gunshot positioning tweaks,
  • Audio: Occlusion tweaks,
  • Audio: Reload animation timing,
  • Audio: New reverbs,
  • Audio: MSBS-B, Vepr, Scar sounds,
  • Audio: Better sound positioning
  • Added reload animations to leaning,
  • Reload animations improvements,
  • New system for offsetting weapons on the screen – we can change stuff faster,
  • Adjusted default config weights,
  • Adjusted some item weights,
  • Tweaked barrel range modifier,
  • Added updated customization menu translation files,
  • Added a trail to sniper projectiles,
  • Modified ballistics for sniper rifles,
  • Changed smoke material for shell particles,
  • Added language selection at first startup,
  • Tweaked how brightness influences menu and game,
  • Changed connecting screen to reflect 0.3 update,
  • Fixed configs not saving,
  • Fixed visual bug with resetting money to 0 when purchase failed,
  • Boxer- wheel texture fix,
  • Vehicle front collision mesh improvement,
  • Alphabetic order of flags,
  • Temporarily disabled locking matches that are 75% complete from new players (this might stay like this due to map rotation now being active),
  • RegenPlatform on Warsaw position tweaks,
  • Added holiday flair to the menu,
  • Tweaks in locations of sockets in some magazines,
  • Limitation of player throwed gadgets on level (6 for mines and 10 for packs),
  • Throwable gadgets now dissapear when player logs out or switches team,
  • Many, many more small improvements and fixes,


  • Spawning on leader fixed (again),
  • Users now send minidump files to our internal server instead of analyzing it on their computer,
  • Fixed crashes with vehicle postprocesses,
  • Fixed settings of audio parameters,
  • Fixed out of sync squad leader icon,
  • Matchmaking fixes,
  • Steam profile icons are no longer mirrored,
  • Fixed the “Distance to operator” text which obscured Battlepoints,
  • Destroyed vehicle is no longer seen for Repair Kit as repairable,
  • Fixed hack with exiting drones before end of return to battle zone and possessing again, resetting time before destruction,
  • Fixed camera block on Quad in TPP,
  • Scope performance and bugfix pass,
  • Enemies and world-space markers can be marked while seating in hatch and as passenger in vehicles,
  • Fixed med/ammo/equipment pack textures on low settings,
  • Fixed superbullets – getting notified about multiple hits in one frame, you should no longer have the feeling you got one-hit when it was multiple hits,
  • Fixed a crash with pool manager,
  • MSBS-B bullet particle fix,
  • Fixed 870 shells particles,
  • Blocked the SMG upper minors while using IR sights (they were clipping),
  • Fixed players becoming invisible when spawning on leader in a vehicle,
  • Fixed minimap is not disappearing after using UAV,
  • Laser sights fixed, they should no longer obscure player view,
  • Fixed UGV shooting,
  • Fixed many collision and mesh fixes on various maps,
  • Also fixed many crashes and other bugs.

Written by: Carizma

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