World War Z: Update Announced – Preliminary Patch Notes 1.03

World War Z: Update Announced – Preliminary Patch Notes 1.03

Update April 29: World War Z Update 1.03 has been released, here you can find all the details.

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have announced the next update to “World War Z” on Twitter. The next patch will fix many of the current issues.

At the moment many players complain, especially on the PC, that “World War Z” simply crashes when starting. This will be one of the bugs to be eliminated. Below you will find the preliminary patch notes.

We assume that with the “World War Z” update a client patch will be released, which will be version 1.03 on the PS4. An exact date for the update does not exist so far, we hope that the patch will be published in the next few days.


World War Z Preliminary Patch Notes – Update 1.03


  • Some players experience a game crash on launch.
  • Some people are unable to see their friends on the friends list / Unable to invite friends to the game.
  • Some players lose their progress after a game crash.
    If this is happening to you, please send us your corrupted save in a new thread here on the forums, this will help us out a lot. To be safe, back up a copy of everything in your save folder in a different location. Your saves are located here: \AppData\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage
    Appdata is a hidden folder located in your User folder.
  • The game always freezes when using “<” symbol in chat.
  • Default DirectX 11 swtiches to Vulkan automatically.
  • There are some keybinding issues.


  • Some players experience a game crash that sometimes removes progress.
  • Progress is lost after a PSN name change. Please don’t do this until it has been fixed.
  • Game sometimes disconnects at the end of some missions.
  • Some trophies are not being acquired for certain players.

Xbox One

  • Some players can’t progress the “Key to the City” mission after the “Protect Search Team” objective.


  • Some players are unable to receive weapon XP.
  • Some players can’t get all the weapons from Pre-order Lobo Pack.

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