WoW Classic Burning Crusade Hotfix on June 18 – Patch Notes

WoW Classic Burning Crusade Hotfix on June 18 – Patch Notes

There are a few bug fixes and changes for WoW Classic! So Blizzard released an update on June 17th (or June 18th – depending on the time zone).

The World of Warcraft Classic update is now ready and can be downloaded. As soon as you start the Blizzard Launcher the download will begin.

Note: Remember, the Big WoW Update 9.1 is coming on June 30th! Thank you for visiting our website – we really hope you found the information you were looking for!<7p>

World of Warcraft Update June 18 | Burning Crusade

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Warlocks are no longer revealed on the arena frames if they sacrifice a demon before the gates have opened.
  • Magtheridon’s Lair
    • Fixed animation issues with Blast Nova and Quake.
    • Blast Nova now always has a raid warning when cast.
    • Blast Nova will no longer be immediately recasted if he was interrupted before he began channeling.
      • Developers’ note: Magtheridon’s Blast Nova was set up in original Burning Crusade in a way that it was possible for players to see a raid warning for an attack that would never come, or for Mag to use an ability without warning. These misbehaviors were recreated in Burning Crusade Classic as we matched the boss configuration with our pre-nerf reference. With the fixes above, we’ve made it so that Blast Nova is used consistently after a raid warning, and no longer fails to be put on cooldown if interrupted during its cast.
  • Karazhan
    • Fixed an issue where Shade of Aran’s Dragon Breath was dealing more damage than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the title “Champion of the Naaru” would be repeatedly granted to players who had earned it.


Source: Blizzard

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