WoW Classic Burning Crusade Hotfix Released – Patch on June 8

WoW Classic Burning Crusade Hotfix Released – Patch on June 8

Today there is a new update for Burning CrusadeWoW Classic. We have the full list with all the adjustments.

The World of Warcraft Classic update is now ready and can be downloaded. As soon as you start the Blizzard Launcher the download will begin.


World of Warcraft Update June 8

  • [With regional restarts] The Auction House has been upgraded to improve performance.
  • [With regional restarts] Commander Ameer in Netherstorm has salvaged a prison orb from his last scouting mission and could use your help retrieving a key to unlock it.
  • [With regional restarts] Nether-Stalker Mah’duun in Shattrath now offers a non-Heroic daily dungeon quest.
  • Warchief Kargath Bladefist in The Shattered Halls once again has a delay in between charges of his Blade Dance.
  • Warlock’s Inferno once again stuns and deals damage to enemies in the area.
  • Engineering Schematic: Elemental Seaforium Charge is now available from Consortium faction vendors.
  • The reagents required for the following enchants have been adjusted from pre-patch content to level 70 content:
    • Enchant Gloves – Threat
    • Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility
    • Enchant Cloak – Greater Fire Resistance
    • Enchant Cloak – Greater Nature Resistance
    • Enchant Cloak – Stealth
    • Enchant Cloak – Subtlety
    • Enchant Cloak – Dodge
  • Fixed an issue where the Ring of Blood event in Nagrand would sometimes stall or fail to progress.
  • Fixed an issue where credit was not being granted for killing Crazed Colossus in “Dissension Amongst the Ranks.”


Source: Blizzard

Written by: Carizma

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