WoW Classic – Server crowded and realms are offline

WoW Classic – Server crowded and realms are offline

World of Warcaft Classic is LIVE! The high onslaught forces the servers to their knees, long waiting times and jerky gameplay!

Thousands of players want to play WoW Classic and are frustrated. The servers are crowded, when logging in you are often in a queue of several thousand positions.

If you make it into the game then everything lags and the servers are so stupid that a decent quests is impossible. Blizzard has now set up new servers, but this does not change the situation.

In between, the individual realms are also completely offline …

That there was a lot of interest in WoW Classic was not a secret anymore, but Blizzard makes the same mistakes as years ago, no one went out of it. It was thought that Blizzard learned from the mistakes and has everything under control.

So far Blizzard has not commented on that, let’s hope the situation changes soon!

Update: All realms seem to be offline, we can not join a game at the moment, realmserver is not active.

Written by: Carizma

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