Wreckfest Tournament Update 1.50 Patch Notes on July 7th

Wreckfest Tournament Update 1.50 Patch Notes on July 7th

Bugbear released a new update for Wreckfest, we have all the info about the Update 1.50 on July 7th.

Wreckfest Patch 1.50 is now available for download, for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Today’s patch brings the new Tournament Season: Banger Bash, two new free tracks and a lot more.


Wreckfest Patch Notes 1.50

Game version

  • Xbox:
  • PS4: 1.50
  • PC: 1.262067


  • Added support for the new DLC: Banger Racing Pack.
  • Added two new tracks: Kingston Raceway (Oval and Figure 8 layouts) and Mudford Motorpark (Oval and Derby layouts).


  • Fixed memory defragmentation issue with AMD display devices that caused severe slowdowns in multiplayer lobby especially on PC.
  • (PS4) Game no longer infrequently crashes after completing a weekly or monthly tournament challenge.
  • (XB1) Save data no longer gets unintendedly overwritten when switching accounts in certain edge cases.
  • (PC) Game now automatically detects input devices even when they’re plugged in while the game is running.
  • (PC) Local backup system now correctly backs up previous save data whenever there’s a title update.
  • (PC) There’s now a 10 second cooldown before trying to match the cloud save data, eliminating bogus conflict messages.
  • (PC) The cloud conflict popup should no longer hide behind the game window.


  • When selecting a vehicle, game now waits slightly longer before actually selecting the vehicle to prevent inadvertent loading from starting when browsing vehicles.
  • Score detection is now more robust, eliminating cases where the player receives no score even though they clearly hit an opponent with enough force.
  • Score is now received based on how much damage the player inflicts to the opponent and not plain momentum.
  • The car is now reset to a certain initial speed and first gear is automatically engaged also in the demolition derby events.
  • In custom events, it’s now possible to choose “Same As Player” as the AI Player vehicle, making AI Players use the same vehicle as the player.
    This works even with tournament reward vehicles, making it possible to create for example an all DoomRig race.
  • AI now makes use of DLC vehicles in multiplayer, custom events and most career events.
  • AI now makes use of Gremlin also in Class A.
  • Panels are no longer getting permanently stuck on vehicles but are released correctly after the vehicle has deformed, preventing deform related glitches on panels.
  • Adjusted collision geometry of the concrete barriers to reduce glitching when hitting them especially in multiplayer.
    Note that the collisions are still not perfect but improved nonetheless.
  • Fixed roll cage weights for Grand Duke, Wildking and Little Thrasher.
  • Reduced DoomRig armor protection slightly.
  • Fixed engine flame emitter location of Raiden.
  • Fixed invisible bumps around the middle intersection on Hilltop Figure 8.


  • Tournament rewards are now correctly received when the player has entered tournament event selection screen and the tournament mode has been initialized (you can tell when the player counts appear in the event selection screen, and targets are shown in the tournament details view for monthly and weekly events).
    Rewards from the past challenges are be awarded retroactively and should appear correctly in the “Statistics” tab.


  • Race: Player & AI distance attenuation both adjusted for smoother fade-out at 25 to 100 meter range.
  • Race: Loudness balancing adjustments & EQ settings tweaks for all player vehicles.
  • Bandit, Buggy, Dominator, Gatecrasher, Killerbee, Rocket, Sunrise Super & Wild King: Adjusted idle-to-mid RPM range for slightly louder engine sound (lesser dynamic range).
  • Little Thrasher: Fixed broken soundbank.
  • Roadslayer: Fixed DSP settings and loudness calibration issues.
  • Optimized DSP effect usage of all player vehicles for a lesser CPU load.


Source: Bugbear

Written by: Carizma

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