Wreckfest Update 1.47 Patch Notes

Wreckfest Update 1.47 Patch Notes

Bugbear released a new update for Wreckfest, we have all the info about the Update 1.47

Wreckfest Patch 1.47 is now available for download, for PS4, PC and Xbox One. This patch fixes some bugs and optimizations. Super Venom upgrades have also been added.


Wreckfest Patch Notes 1.46

Game version

  • Xbox:
  • PS4: 1.47
  • PC: 1.261238


  • (PC) Game no longer crashes when quitting while vehicle mods are enabled.
  • (PC) Invalid analytics data will no longer prevent the game from launching.
  • *PC) Date stamps of conflicting files are now shown in the Steam Cloud popup.
  • (PC) Fixed a crash in the effect system when using certain mods.


  • Added upgrades for Super-Venom.
  • Fixed Super-Venom deform glitch.
  • Fixed Roadcutter rear spoiler deform glitch.
  • Fixed Speedbird tournament reward livery UV mapping bug.
  • Improved Wardigger upshift/downshift logic.


  • FP (Fame Points) earned from completed challenges should be now received correctly, even for past challenges.
  • (PC) Player can now choose to remove ineligible local result in case there’s amismatch between the local and leaderboard result.
    This can occur for example due to the upload of the result failing, or in case your (cheated) result has been deleted from the leaderboard.


  • In-game: AI vehicle mixdown adjustments & perf improvements.
  • In-game: Initialize each AI vehicle engine sound with a range randomized pitch offset, to improve separation / uniqueness between for multiples of same vehicle.
  • In-game: Adjusted player vehicles to use similar distance-based playback prioritization sorting as AI vehicles, to address possible active voice stealing in free cam mode.
  • Big Rig / Doom Rig: Optimized DSP effect usage.
  • Roadslayer / Roadslayer GT: Fixed broken soundbank, mixdown and engine sound tweaks.
  • Hellride: Added missing position tracking to flame barrel objects for correct surround panning.


Source: Bugbear

Written by: Carizma

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