Wreckfest Update 2.04 Released – Hotfix Patch Notes on May 7

Wreckfest Update 2.04 Released – Hotfix Patch Notes on May 7

Bugbear has released a new hotfix Update for Wreckfest today. Below you can find all the details about the patch on May 7 .

The Wreckfest update 2.04 is now available for download for all platforms. At the moment we do not know the file size


Wreckfest Patch Notes 2.04 May 7

Game version

PS5: 1.004.000
PS4: 2.04
PC: 1.275536


  • (PS5) Leaderboards now work correctly.
  • (PS5) Target scores and rankings are now displayed correctly in the tournament event details view.


  • (PS5) Fixed a rendering issue with texture filtering that resulted in textures appearing blurry at medium to far distance.
  • (PS5) Game no longer crashes to “Out of Vertex Buffer Memory” with certain track and vehicle combinations.


  • (PS5) Increased visual damage intensity so that it now matches offline game modes.


  • (XB1/PS4/PS5) Trophy Runner no longer glitches when landing a jump.
  • (PS5) Improved dynamic dirt for a number of vehicles.
  • (PS5) Increased dynamic dirt accumulation speed.
  • Trooper “Savage” and “Gona” wheels now have correct mass and inertia.
  • Decreased brightness of Trooper and Trophy Runner tail/brake lights.
  • A number of Trophy Runner wheels now have correct inertia.
  • The standard Starbeast SS suspension no longer has raised rear.
  • Step Van gearing tuning options are now in correct order.
  • Bumper Car (TL) no longer appears in the garage.
  • Improved Bumper Car clutch.
  • Resetting outside the turn 3 of Rattlesnake Racepark no longer results in the car falling into void.
  • Smoothing groups are now correctly applied on the Sandstorm steering wheel.
  • Installing Trophy Runner “None” grille now correctly also removes headlight covers.
  • Installing Trooper “None” grille now correctly also removes headlight covers.
  • Trooper exhaust stack no longer deforms wildly.


Source: Bugbear

Written by: Carizma

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