Wreckfest Update 2.12 Released for New Content – Patch Notes Aug. 3rd

Wreckfest Update 2.12 Released for New Content – Patch Notes Aug. 3rd

New content for Wreckfest is now available! Bugbear has released a new update and we have all the details on August 3rd, 2021.

The Wreckfest update 2.12 is now available for download for all platforms. The patch brings new content, such as the new Carmageddon tournament and the New Eagle-R reward car. Of course there are also improvements and bug fixes, everything is in the following patch notes.

  • PC: 1.278680
  • XB1/XSX:
  • PS4: 2.12
  • PS5: 1.012


Wreckfest Patch Notes 2.12


  • Added two new environments from Carmageddon: Bleak City and Devil’s Canyon.
    Both new environments feature a race track and a free roam environment best suitable for deathmatches, and additionally Bleak City also has a reverse race layout as well as a dedicated demolition arena.

    Server admins note: the internal designation for the tracks are as follows:

    Bleak City Race Track: crm01_1  Bleak City Race Track Reverse: crm01_5  Bleak City Demolition Arena: crm01_3  Bleak City Free Roam: crm01_2  Devil's Canyon Race Track: crm02_1  Devil's Canyon Free Roam: crm02_2


  • New tournament season: Carmageddon.
  • New tournament reward car: Eagle-R.


  • (XBSX) Improved framerate for more stable 60 fps.
  • (PC) Improved reliability of save data handling.
  • (PC) Game no longer crashes to fatal error whenever save data is corrupted.


  • (PS4) Creating a public lobby now works properly.
  • (PC) Steam networking asserts are no longer displayed in the server console.


  • (PC) Performance issues in multiplayer.
  • (PC) Dedicated server currently suffers from a severe memory leak, most likely causing the server to crash eventually.
  • (PC) Hosting in-game does not currently work (neither Internet or LAN), please use the dedicated server in the meantime.
  • (PC) In-game ping currently displays ~30 ms too much, meaning that your actual ping is ~30 ms less.
  • (PC) Server message is not being displayed.


We got this information from Bugbear’s official Wreckfest forum.

Written by: Carizma

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