Yakuza Developer Announces A Live Stream For Next Week

Yakuza Developer Announces A Live Stream For Next Week

Mark your calendar on September 14 at 6 am ET/10 am UTC. Developer behind the Yakuza series, RGG Studio, will be holding an RGG Summit live stream on SEGA’s official Twitch channel. Unfortunately, the developer didn’t share anything about the content of the stream. Whereas it seems to be important enough as SEGA has already shared it on Twitter.


A sequel to Yakuza: Like A Dragon


RGG Studio has already guaranteed a sequel to Like A Dragon, and fans wish to get their first look at the next part of Ichiban’s adventure in Japan! Furthermore, the studio has revealed the production of a brand new IP. Thus far, RGG Studio has only worked on the Yakuza and the Judgement titles. RGG Studio might deliver a similar approach to a brand new IP without facing any legal issues that appeared for the latest installment of the Judgment.


Final thoughts


The full catalog of titles is now accessible on the Game Pass service. Likewise, Sony’s PS Plus Premium members will have access to all Yakuza games until the end of this year. This makes it easy for beginners who want to quickly get into the world of Yakuza and complete all the titles before the next entry comes out. That said, you only need to play Yakuza: Like A Dragon if you are trying to prepare for its sequel. Also, checkout our Yakuza 3 Reamstered Trophy Guide & Tips 


 Are you going to watch the livestream next week? Share your thoughts below!


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