Anthem: Crafting for Beginner – Tips and Guides

An important part of Anthem is the crafting system you can use to make weapons and equipment. How it works and what the special features are, you will learn here.

What is the crafting in Anthem? In Anthem you can get various rewards through expeditions. This includes Blueprinte (construction plans) that allow you to make certain equipment or weapons in your forge.

Blueprints show you which resources are needed and allow you to make the item repeatedly.


What’s in the crafting system of Anthem?

Repeating to make items: For example, if you get a Blueprint for the “Fulcrum” pistol, you can make the Fulcrum over and over again, as long as you have the resources you need.

To be able to craft the fulcrum on a higher rarity level, you must first unlock the corresponding blueprint. There are various possiblities for that. Blueprints unlocks you by completing challenges.

Add extra effects to your items: These effects give you various bonuses and benefits. The power level of the item always corresponds to your current pilot level.

Which effects your item finally receives is purely coincidental. Depending on the item type, there are various bonuses that either support your Javelin or make the item more effective.

When crafting, the potential effects are thrown together again and again.

You can find these bonuses on all items that have a Rarity level of Unusual (green) or higher. High rarity items such as Epic (purple) or Masterpiece (orange) even contain multiple bonuses and stronger effects.


The following items can receive additional effects:

  • All Weapons
  • All (interchangeable) Javelin capabilities
  • All Javelin components


How can you craft?

Collecting Material: To craft a weapon or piece of equipment, you will need a blueprint and a certain amount of materials. The rarer the item you want, the harder it will be to find the resources you need.

How do you get resources? The resources are different materials and parts. Many materials can be harvested in the freeplay of certain plants or rock formations that are scattered around the world. That’s why it pays to land and just explore the area to Ressourchen.

You get parts by disassembling weapons or Javelin skills. For this reason, duplicates that you no longer use are the optimal source for them.

Loot boxes and scrap heaps can also contain a variety of different resources.

Furthermore, you can bid for all materials in the regulator shop for coins. The prices are a bit high. In the beginning it is better to search for materials in the open world.


Why is crafting important?

You get stronger by crafting: Making better gear increases your overall level over time and makes your javelin stronger.

To keep up in the endgame, you should therefore upgrade your favorite gear as much as possible and hope for effective bonuses. Because at higher difficulty levels every single percent can be decisive.


Can I make everything in Anthem?

There are Consumables: These items are special seals that you can select before any expedition in the outline map. You can equip a maximum of three seals.

These seals give you additional benefits during the mission’s mission and then disappear again. So they are unique.

You can not make Legendary Weapons: they can only be obtained through random drops. The highest level of rarity that you can craft yourself is the Masterpiece Rarity.

With this, BioWare wants to make legendary weapon drops more significant. Because of this, the players themselves have to go in search of potential “God-Rolls” and hope for a good drop, instead of working purposefully.

It will be even more rewarding for you if you actually manage to get a Legendary Drop with good bonuses.

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