Battlefield 2042: The Liquidators Event Schedule

Battlefield 2042: The Liquidators Event Schedule

Battlefield 2042: first public event, The Liquidators, has been confirmed and will begin soon. The event, which runs from October 11 to 25, includes a new mode and other features.


The Liquidators event also includes some storylines. You’ll take on the role of a Liquidator, a part of a vicious hit squad battling Dark Market forces that are posing a threat to your company.

The Liquidators is a two-week event with rotating player counts, beginning with 8v8 during week one and increasing to 16v16 for week two.




Obtain Ribbons throughout Tactical Conquest to unleash special event bonus:


  • 10 Ribbons – Epic “The Shield” Player Card Background
  • 30 Ribbons – AM40 “Kinetic Caliber” Weapon Skin
  • 60 Ribbons – Dozer Specialist Set “Wrecking Crew”
  • 100 Ribbons – M1A5 Vehicle Skin with the Legendary “Trojan Horse”


Whereas during the event, you can also get a Login Reward as well as a free themed Headgear and Weapon Skin from the Store.


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